halal feature: Yogi Dog @ Hollywood, USA

A halal restaurant at Hollywood Walk of Fame! Who could have guess, eh? It was in fact the only halal eatery that we found in LA. It serves fast food – hot dogs, tacos and the like.

The place is called Yogi Dog – how cute! It’s just two doors away from the Wax Museum.

The storefront. It was a bright sunny day in LA. The halal sign was so big I could see it from the bus.

The halal menu.

Very cheap for Hollywood standard ;-)

Waiting for our order to be ready.

Here’s the hot dog. Yummy!

And the beef taco. We were so hungry each of us had 2 meals.

Since it was a grab-and-go kind of place, there wasn’t much space to sit and eat. Yet it was too hot and bright to go outside. So we just hanged around shop and enjoyed our food while chatting with the friendly owner. Here’s the place on Google map.


eiseai said...

i think we ate here twice. very terkejut to see a halal place right on hollywood blvd (and so near to where we were staying), alhamdulillah.

dyanna said...

Are you posting a 2013 post in 2015?

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tiga lalat said...

salam singgah dari wak yg jauh dimata nihh., ;p

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