halal feature: Sala Thai 2 @ Fremont, USA

We dropped by this restaurant on our way from San Francisco to Cupertino on the day we visited Apple headquarters. I was thrilled to see a halal Thai restaurant as we could eat something a little closer to home food.

The  restaurant’s name is Sala Thai 2. Don’t ask me where Sala Thai 1 is because I ain’t got a clue.

We reached there slightly before noon, the restaurant was rather empty. A few minutes later it was lunch hour and the place was pack with people.

Mango chicken. Absolutely love this.

Curry. Fish, I think. Can’t remember.

We ordered a lot more than these but I only take a few pics. Well I was hungry I guess. The restaurant is located in a quiet area along South Grimmer Boulevard. There are many factories and offices around so it get full house really fast during lunchtime. So go there early. Glad we did! Here it is on Google map.

The massive signage by the roadside. You definitely won’t miss it.

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