halal feature: Pakwan Restaurant @ San Francisco, USA

This was the first restaurant we tried in San Francisco. Went there for early dinner for two reasons: (1) We were super hungry after a long trip from Orlando. (2) We heard that the location was in a rather dodgy part of the city, so we thought if we were to go there, we better go there while the sun was still up.

The walk from our hotel at Market Street to the restaurant was quite an interesting one. The road went uphill and downhill on steep slopes, very signature San Francisco. As we got nearer to the restaurants, the surrounding became gloomier, and we saw more and more homeless people sitting on the curb, just chilling. It felt scary at first, but after a while I realize they weren’t any trouble. Not to us, at least.

Pakwan Restaurant. They have several branches in San Francisco. We went to the one at the corner of O’Farrell and Jones.

Watched a ball game while waiting for our order.

Dinner is served! I’m drooling just looking at this pic :-P~

I think I ordered lamb curry, or something like that.

Fiza ordered chicken beryani.

You can find them at these addresses.

Verdict: Super duper yummy! I absolutely enjoyed my curry. If only the restaurant was a bit nearer to our hotel, we would have gone there again. Here’s the place on Google map.


NoorNazuha said...

Ahhhh x sangka ada kat San francisco......bila la i bley g ni......

dieya said...

Pegi sis jgn tak pegi :-D
SF is a nice place. Makan pun senang.

Dewi Aja said...

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kishkun said...

Hari tu pi (lama dah la tapi)company hantar. Makan kat restaurant thai yg serve teh thai yg super sedap. Depan rest dia ada gambaq keanu reeves and tak jauh dr situ ada masjid. tempat mmg dodgy la takut juga.