universal studios hollywood

Our second Universal Studios visit for the trip. We bought the tickets online together with the “Front of Line” pass. The pass was rather costly, but since we didn’t want to waste time waiting in line, we went for it anyway.

Took the metro to Universal City and then waited for the tram across the road (near the Universal City signage) to get to the theme park.

Got our “Front of Line” pass from the tix counter and went inside.

The first attraction that we saw. Transformers, more than meets the eye. Transformers, robots in disguise.

Hey hey Bumbleblee!

And the Oscar goes to… *drumroll*

Imagine the suspense! Thank goodness we have Google now.

Devon Aoki’s outfit when she did Fast and Furious.

I was really excited to see this car!

Other than rides, the park also offers studio tour. 

Beautiful landscape of LA captured from a lookout point near the studio tour entrance.

The studio tour tram took us around to see various filming sites, actual props and reenactment of famous scenes by live actors. It was awesome! Too bad we had to stay inside the tram the entire time, thus most of my pics have tram poles in them, hurmmm…

Look at that, Back to the Future clock tower!

The casts of The Grinch sang and danced as we passed by.

Wow, that scene from Bates Motel. Goosebumps.

War of the Worlds aircraft crash. 

I didn’t take many pics of the rides because I was too busy enjoying them. By the way, I was sooo glad that I took motion sickness pill in the morning. Even after going on so many rides and getting thrown all directions, I didn’t feel drowsy at all!!! My experience this time was absolutely superb.


All Access Band. Not much attention given to them. But hey, if they suddenly become famous one day I have this picture to prove that I watched them live.

Just look at the waiting time! At this point I really felt that my “Front of Line” pass was worth every single penny.

WaterWorld show. Rated number 1 at Universal Studios Hollywood and deservedly so.

A pose with Whoville’s very own One Direction.

The last show that we saw. Pretty cool to see how they trained animals to become movie stars.

Good night Universal Studios Hollywood. It was fun!


amirah said...

Erkkk Whoville’s One Direction to creepy sangat. :O

dieya said...

haha tak cute ke? kan ada iras2 zayn dgn harry tuuu