goodbye usa

Our two weeks party finally came to an end. It was a wonderful introduction to USA for me as a first time visitor. Before the trip many people warned me of discriminations I might face for being a Muslim girl wearing hijab. For me, all I had to do was being myself. I held my hijab-clad head high, put a huge smile and be friendly to everyone. People did ask questions about my religion (sometimes offensively), I answered them in good nature. They were just curious and it was my responsibility as a Muslim to provide clear explanation so they could understand better.

My lovely Latina looking travel buddy Fiza. She could pass as a local anytime.

Good bye USA. I had a really great time. From west coast to east coast and to the southernmost point, I truly achieved my American dream. Still, there are many more places to discover. Not to worry, my visa is valid for 10 years. Hope we meet again Uncle Sam!


amirah said...

Alaa pendeknya entry ni. keep it coming kak long. banyak lagi tempat yang tulis kan??? tak dapat pi sendiri, tengok dalam blog pun dah best. hehehe.

Sha@Mama Tina said...

wahh.. round and round the world tau adek manis ini..

dieya said...

alahai.. tu dah tulis entry panjang sikit. hihi mmg ada lg yg blom tulis. tunggula bila encik mood menjelma ;-)

kak sha,
alhamdulillah rezeki :-)