city of angels

Good morning angels! Good morning Charlie! The bus ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles took all night long. We arrived at Union Station around 7 AM and took a cab to our hotel to drop our bags. Then we immediately took the metro to Hall of Fame to begin our exploration.

As we got out of Hollywood Highland metro station, we saw a hop-on hop-off bus booth. As you may already know, I’m not a fan of hop-on hop-off bus. The tix is usually quite expensive and the trip takes very long, as the bus needs to complete the entire route in one big circle. The only time I made an exception was when I was in Cape Town, simply because it was the most convenient and safest mode of transport in the South African city. Who would have thought that I was about to make another exception in LA! Well, after carefully studying the route, the timetable and the price, both Fiza and I agreed that it was a good bet. For USD 44 we could go to as far as Santa Monica, passing by fabulous boutiques in Beverly Hills that I often saw on tv, and stop at some interesting places along the way.

All I could think about was Luke Perry and Jason Priestly.

Arrived at Santa Monica on a bright sunny day. 

Santa Monica’s landmark – the Ferris wheel.

The pier was a nice place to hang out.

With places to eat…

…and some interesting performances.

Funnel cake. I saw this on the menu and just have to give it a try. Fried dough, icing sugar, strawberry jam, whipped cream. Sinfully yummy!

The beautiful Santa Monica beach.

The end point of Route 66, one of the original highways in USA.

We hopped back on the bus and went to Muscle Beach. Basketball courts, skateboard park, outdoor gyms, those were available everywhere. No wonder LA people always look good!

Aren’t you the show-off! This was where Arnold Schwarzenegger used to train.

Walking along Muscle Beach, passing by beautiful houses…

…and green doctors. 40 bucks a pop. Seriously?

The bus’s final stop was Marina del Rey.

The bus driver took a take five so we had the chance to check out the beautiful waterfront.

Such a cute fishing village.

Enjoying frozen banana on a hot day.

On our way back we stopped by The Grove as Fiza wanted to get some American Girl doll accessories for her niece. I had never heard of American Girl before. When I got into the shop, I was incredibly surprised. Felt like stepping into a different world made for dolls. From dresses to jewelries to their own hair salon, the dolls were treated like living creatures!

American Girl Place at The Grove.

Look at that, you can even choose the hairstyle.

American Girl meets Malaysian Girl!


Soraya Anuwar said...

it's been awhile since your last update! =O

DJ said...

Best pula tgk kdai doll tu...teringat zmn kecik2 dulu... ;-)

Lama xupdate ye dieya...hehe

dieya said...

Soraya Anuwar,
yes it has been ages! now doing some catch up while i hv a bit of time to spare :-D

sy pulak rasa mcm seram sbb diorg treat dolls mcm org.
yeah, ni dah timbul semangat nak update, harus dipraktikkan haha!