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Xmas Eve in San Francisco, shopping day for us! It would be my third outlet visit for this trip. Didn’t do much shopping at the previous two because we still had many places to go to. So today would be the day to buy everything – for ourselves and people back home who asked us to buy stuffs for them.

Fiza booked the Outlet Hop tour, which made our shopping trip really convenient. The van came to pick us up at the hotel around 9 am. The driver provided us with the outlet’s floor plan so we could strategize our shopping. As we reached Livermore Premium Outlets at 10 am, we were all set to attack!

We only had 5 hours to shop so Fiza and I split ways. By the time the van picked us up we each had bought new suitcases filled with our newly shopped goods! We returned to San Francisco very happy shoppers :-D

Back at the hotel. Yet to sort out our newly acquired possessions,

It was an excellent shopping trip by my standards. FYI my previous outlet visits were by bus so it was quite a hassle to carry the shopping goods from where bus stopped to the hotel. Today’s tour was by van, the driver dropped us off right in front of the hotel, which was a really fantastic. Thumbs up to Outlet Hop!

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