alcatraz + golden gate bridge + cable car

Today was our last day in San Francisco and we aimed to finish it high: By going to the city’s top 3 attractions – Alcatraz Prison, Golden Gate Bridge and the cable car – all in one day. Could we do it? That wasn’t the question. We must do it!

The first order of the day was to go to Alcatraz. We took an early morning tour that we booked online with Alcatraz Cruises, way in advance before coming to San Francisco. Glad we did that, the ticket sold out really fast. The fee included boat ride, entrance to the prison and audio guide.

Welcome to the maximum security prison that held Al Capone.

Alcatraz had some history with American Indians, which explained that graffiti.

Some of the cells. There were different kinds of cells for different level of sentencing. 

A look inside one of the cells.

The recreational area. Only well-behaved inmates had the privilege to use it.

The dark cells. Those detained here must be very bad people.

And what did inmates do in their free time? They knit.

Hello, you got a visitor. 

Outside the prison, the island was covered by pretty vegetations.

Some ruins of the prison. They actually sold the pieces as souvenirs.

Would you like a piece of concrete… err… I mean history?

Golden Gate Bridge could be seen from afar.

The boat that took us for to and from the island.

We returned to San Francisco pier and tried to get a boat ride to across the bay to Sausalito. Unfortunately all the earlier boats were full. We only managed to get one later in the afternoon. So we spent the time walking around the pier and had my most favorite meal in the city…

…fried squids at Fisherman’s Wharf. Yummy!

We then got onto the boat to Sausalito. It was a nice windy ride. By the time we reached Sausalito it was almost sunset, so we were in a bit of a hurry. We still had to find a nice spot to see Golden Gate Bridge before it turned dark! After some thinking we decided to take the bus back heading back to San Francisco. From the map we saw that the bus would pass by a couple of points where would could view the bridge. So we decided to try our luck.

The bus crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. Hey at least I could tell people that I already crossed it :-D

We got off just after this toll plaza at Fort Point.

Just the view I was looking for!

I was so happy that despite of crossing the bay several times, by boat and bus, we finally found a perfect spot to take some really nice photos of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. Anyone who came to San Francisco should take a photo of the bridge from Fort Point. Couldn’t go home without that, could we?

We then took another bus back to the pier and headed to Hyde Street to catch the cable car back to our hotel at Market Street. The queue at Powell-Hyde line was really long! But because it was our last chance to do it, we braved the chilly night and lined up for hours just for a ride.

Got my cable car ride, finally! All 3 things planned for the day – DONE!

Went to the hotel to get our luggage and took a cab to the train station, where we would catch our bus to Los Angeles. Yes, you read it right, we waited for the bus at the train station. It was a huge double-decker bus. Unfortunately it only allowed one piece of luggage per person. Wait, just one? No way. Fiza and I each had 2 huge suitcases, filled with the things we bought throughout the trip. We tried to negotiate but the driver was adamant, just 1 suitcase per person. Finally we told the driver, “It’s okay, let everyone board first. If there’s space for our 4 bags, we’ll go with you. Otherwise we won’t.”

So we waited till everyone boarded. The whole time I was praying that there would be space for our bags. The last person finally boarded and alas, the driver picked up our bags and put them in the trunk! Happy happy joy joy! We thanked the driver and got on the bus.

Good bye San Francisco! And good night!


Zila Zainal said...

bestnyaaaa dapat gi alcatrazzz! calamari tu sangat lazat rupa dia huwarghhh

amirah said...

Cantiknya Golden Gate Bridge tu! Mesti nak pergi one day!! :)

DJ said...

best betul dapat pergi alcatrazz n golden gate bridge ni... =D

Fiza Ismail said...

Super tiring day but worth the experience. Yang paling kelakar is the ending ....Nasib baik dapat naik bus to LA that night. Bila ingat balik memang nak gelak la. Dah la luggage berat, Hahaha... things that we do to get to LA.

Izzati Ghafur said...


dieya said...

oh memang sedap. alcatraz sangat menarik utk dilawat. view pun cantik.

definitely! mesti cross the bridge tau.

yeah best sangat! memang must see places kalau sampai ke SF.

yeah! i shall remember that nite forever. merayu2 nak naik bas gi LA.. haha!

best sangat! SF memang very nice place to visit.