a long walk in the park

Merry Xmas San Francisco! Most attractions were closed so we decided to go to one place that would always be open – the park. First stop was Alamo Square. It was a walk down my childhood memory lane, as it was here the series “Full House” was set. I watched nearly every episode while growing up. And I could still hum the opening song!

Victorian style houses at Alamo Square. 

The Tanners house in “Full House” looked very much like one of these.

Nice balcony :-p

From Alamo Square we decided to walk up and down the slopes of San Francisco towards Golden Gate Park. Found a café that was open and grabbed some coffee and sandwich. Interestingly there was a long line in there. Made me wonder didn’t San Francisco people have somewhere better to be at on Xmas morning (home with family maybe) than a café?

Fiza the red riding hood strolling through the park.

Conservatory of Flowers and beautiful flowerbeds on its front yard.

Golden Gate Park was so big it got its own waterfall…

…and a lake (maybe several actually) too. 

We walked till the far end of the park (it was a really long walk) and reached this beautiful beach. 

Further uphill was Sutro District. Sunset here was really amazing.

By this time we realized that we walked too far and it was really hard to get a cab back to the hotel (it was Xmas, what did we expect?). We kept on walking towards a residential area nearby, hoping for a cab to drive by, but we weren’t so lucky. Saw an open convenience store, grabbed some drinks and asked the cashier if she could help us to call a cab. She gave us a number, which I tried to call but no answer (again, it was Xmas, what did we expect?).

Suddenly we saw a bus on the road. Good news, at least the bus was operating! So we walked to a nearby bus stop and waited for the next bus. It was a long wait (and again, it was Xmas, what did we expect?). The bus eventually came and took the bus back to town.

We reached our hotel feeling so tired and hungry. Fortunately I still kept the receipt from a halal Indian restaurant a few blocks away. Gave it a call to check if it was open, yes it was! Went there for dinner and back to the hotel for a really good rest…

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