Woke up as early as 3:30 in the morning to catch the first flight out of Orlando. Destination: San Francisco! But there was no direct American Airlines flight from MCO to SFO, so we had to transit mid way at DFW.

Four hours at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Plenty of time for breakfast, Facebook, and checking out US Army dudes. 

Then off we flew to the west coast. By the time we reached San Francisco, it was late afternoon on Sunday. Didn’t realize that metro red line didn’t operate on weekends! So we had to switch to yellow line to get to our hotel at the city centre.

Checked-in and walked several blocks away to a halal restaurant that I looked up on Google earlier. As we strolled up the hilly streets, we passed by a different side of San Francisco – gloomy, quiet and scattered with homeless people. We kept on walking, all the while remaining calm and chatting casually. I quickly learned that despite their unkempt appearance and creepy stares, these homeless people were rather harmless. They were just protecting their territory, and by territory I meant that sidewalk that we were walking on, which also happened to be their bed.

We reached the restaurant (I’ll talk more about it when I do halal feature on it later), placed our order and picked a seat near the glass wall. As we waited for our food to arrived, I looked outside and got a shock of my life. A homeless man just took off his pants! And he peed. Yup he did. I saw it. Eww.

The not so pretty part of town. This pic was take mere minutes before the peeing incident, which took place near the black car (no, not that guy with the hat).

After dinner we walked to Macy’s. Xmas sale was going on so lots of stuffs we on discount. Spent a few good hours browsing the store, as we hadn’t much else to do anyway. I was so glad that we picked a hotel near Union Square. The area was so lively at night. Very safe and full of people. A sharp contrast to where we were earlier.

Early rise, so early to bed. Big day tomorrow. Hint: Adam’s bitten fruit!


DJ said...

Dieya!lama tak update blog...hehehe tak sabar nak baca cerita lagi ni...hehehe dgr cerita US visa nak withdraw utk tourist...ada sirna harapan ni utk saya...hehehehe

dieya said...

Hi DJ!
Itulah.. Bersawang dah kan.. Tak habis2 citer US ni, nak kena habiskan juga.
Oh ya dieya pun ada dengar juga. Kalau betul, mmg bagus sangatlah, senang nak ke sana. Skrg kena apply visa RM 400 ke 500, kalau takde visa banyak jimat tu!