a visit to apple & google

I’m an Apple fan through and through. From my iPhone to my iPad to my beloved Beats wireless headphone (Apple will be taking over Beats soon), I just love the bitten fruit. I did use Android before, didn’t quite like it though. However apps wise, I’m a Google fan. Google search engine, Google maps, Youtube and of course Blogger, those are the blood of my online life.

So when Fiza mentioned San Francisco as one of our stops, I quickly Googled how to get to Apple (oh the irony :-P). Found out that we would need to take a train from San Francisco to Cupertino. Then from Cupertino train station, we would have to take a bus to 1 Infinite Loop, Apple’s home. The entire journey could easily take nearly 3 hours. What? 3 hours just to have a glimpse of Steve Job’s legacy? Err, maybe not.

In the mean time, Fiza contacted her friend Shida in Santa Rosa as she planned to meet up with her. She told Shida about how much I wanted to visit Apple headquarters. Guess what, Shida offered to pick us up from San Francisco, and drive us all the way to Cupertino! Oh such a sweet angel, I couldn’t thank her enough. Then there was more: She also offered to take us to Googleplex too! OMG! I was exhilarated with joy!!!

So that morning after breakfast Shida and her family arrived at our hotel. Hopped into their car and went to pick up Lynd at her apartment. Made a pit stop for lunch at a halal Thai restaurant (thanks Lynd for the treat), then off we went to Cupertino!

Welcome to the great fruit farm!

1 Infinite Loop. This is where geniuses are bred.

The Company Store. This is the only place in the world where you can buy genuine Apple merchandise i.e. shirts, pens, cups.

Of course I must grab some. Must!

Apple flag. California flag. USA flag.

Us with Shida and pretty little Zara wearing her brand new pink Apple hat.

We were here! Yayyy!!!

Done with Apple, we traveled to Mountain View to visit Googleplex.

See that Google map marker across the road? Almost there…

…and we finally arrived at Googleplex!

Don’t believe me? Check out the bikes!

Anyone called for security?

The yard was filled with pretty sculptures of different Android versions. Zara had so much fun playing hide and seek here.

Cute baby Yasmin came running for ice cream sandwich!

Jelly doughnut. Yum!

Have a break. Have a KitKat.

The place attracts quite a number of visitors.

One for the album :-)

Amazing colours of autumn.

The best pic I took that day.

Done with our day trip. Going back to San Francisco. Safe drive!


DJ said...

Wah dieya..both tempat ini mmg sgt menarik!teringin pula nak pergi..hari tu ada pi Apple store di osaka pun dah kagum besar, siap ada kelas for apps etc lg...bestnya....bicycle kt google cute sgt..hehe

noornazuha said...

Lama tak nampak u dieya..:)

dieya said...

Sgt teruja dpt smpi dua tempat ni. Mmg highlight ot my trip lah :-)
Sempat test basikal kaler2 tu.. Perasan mcm dlm muvi internship jap.. Hihi

Sis Zuha,
Aha itulah.. Kebizian melampau smpi citer US ni pun dah basi. Tp gagahkan juga nak bg perabih.

JaJa'Z said...

Ceria sungguh puc basikal n pokok2 tu..

dieya said...

K jaja,
Pandai kan saya amik gamba.. Haha

~jeet~ said...

the caption, must grab some tu macam slightly misleading...

how can both hands occupied considered as some...ini tidak adil..hehehehe :)

Sage Harman said...

Hi. I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Do you have an email address I can contact you on? Thanks and have a great day!

dieya said...

Hi Sage, thank's for dropping by. No, I don't do guest postings. It's a personal blog and I hardly update it, so it would be unfair to the guests I think. Happy weekend!

dieya said...

Jeet, I think by now you know what 'some' means to me... Hahaha!