walt disney world - magic kingdom

Time to party with Mickey and friends! We woke up early and took Disney’s free shuttle from the resort to the Magic Kingdom. By the way, WDW had several huge theme parks. Since it was our first time there and we only had one full day to spend, we chose to the most popular one. If we wanted to visit all the parks, we would have to spend an entire week.

So let the memories begin!

One couldn’t claim to have visited Magic Kingdom without this pic :-D

First order of the day was to get our caffeine fix. The baristas uniforms were so cute.

Sipping our coffee while strategizing our visit.

There were so many rides and games and shows at the Magic Kingdom, we had to plan our day carefully. We already installed Disney’s app into our phones before coming here. It was really useful as we could do our Fast Pass bookings way in advance. We were entitled to use Fast Pass for 3 attractions only, so we chose Space Mountain, Pirates of Caribbean and Haunted Mansion. For the rest of the attractions we had to line up with the crowd, so need a game plan so that we wouldn’t waste too much time waiting.

The first attraction of choice: Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.

I’m a huge fan of Monster Inc. HUGE! This attraction to me was a must visit. Seeing the monsters communicating with the audience ala stand-up comedy was really fun. I was so amazed by the entire thing was done. Their facial expressions, their gestures, their interactions with the crowd… everything was live and spontaneous, yet all in 3D! It was as if the monsters had come to life!

Oh yes they are!

Onboard the People Mover that went around Tomorrowland.

Cinderella Castle. Ever so pretty.

The stepsisters didn’t look so mean today.

Flying with Goofy’s Barnstomer roller coaster!

This old style choo choo train took us touring around WDW. A good way to avoid walking.

All hail to the marching band!

The daytime parade.

See that lady in vest? She was the crowd patrol. She did her job while dancing along with the music. Groovy!

Exploring the wilderness with the Jungle Cruise.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was how crowded the park could get on a Saturday.

Taking a quick break while enjoying ice cream sandwich.

How the Magic Band works? Just tap and go.

The evening parade.

As it was holiday season, we bought additional tickets to watch Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party on the same night. Since we would be staying late, we decided to have dinner at the park. So we checked the Disney app on our phones for a place to eat, but to our horror all our preferred restaurants were fully booked! The only one with a table was Plaza Restaurant that served sandwiches. Well, better than nothing.

Cinderella Castle looking oh so beautiful at night!

We quickly booked a spot near the castle to watch Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, as we knew the crowd would build up in no time. I was a bit confused as nobody came to check our party tickets. How would they know if everyone sitting here had tickets?

Suddenly a staff member came and shouted, “Wristbands! Wristbands! Can I see your wristbands?” Fiza and I showed our Magic Bands. The lady said no, she needed to see our party wristbands. We showed her our tickets. She told us to go to the Rose Garden to claim our wristbands.

I was a bit upset because we already secured a good spot, now we had to leave it to get the wristbands. And the worst part was the ticket didn’t mention anything about collecting special wristbands for the party. If only we knew about them beforehand, we would surely collect them much earlier.

Party wristband at the top. Magic Band at the bottom.

We went back to the stage. As we sat down, we could hear others complaining. How could the staffs be sure that everybody had wristbands? There were so many people scattered everywhere, they couldn’t possibly check each person. The stage area wasn’t even cordoned, thus it was very easy for those without wristbands to sneak in. It made me wonder if it was worthy to buy the extra ticket after all. Oh well, worthy or not, it was the right thing to do as we had all the intentions to join the party.

The gang entered the stage. It was time for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

The party started off with musical performances. Then there was a special Christmas themed parade. The area around Main Street was beautifully decorated with Christmas lights. There was even artificial snow to add to the holiday mood.

The huge Christmas tree.

See the snowflakes flying from the roofs on the right?

The castle then became the screen of a wonderful show…

…and of course, an incredible fireworks display as the hightlight of the night.

After the fireworks, we stayed around for a bit to see what else the party had to offer. Soon we found out that they were just repeats of the shows that we watched earlier. So we headed to the shops to grab some souvenirs before catching the shuttle bus back to the resort.

All in all, it was a long and fun day at the Magic Kingdom. And it was indeed, magical!


amal said...

I was there many, many years ago.Real fun!

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Dieya, it's me who wrote the above comment. My grandniece didn't sign out.

saerah80 said...

Haha teringat masa pergi Disneyland Tokyo masa Christmas...kat sini mesti lagi best kan...

DJ said...

bestnya ada magic band tu!hehe memang sangat bestlah WDW ni...saya pnah pi Disneyland di HK je....sure yang ni jauhhhh lagi best!terujaaa sungguh!hahaha

dieya said...

aunty nora,
i bet if you visit it now it will be as fun as ever. perhaps it's time to go there again ;-)

mmg best sangat. especially time xmas ada show2 yg extra tu. i penah pegi tokyo best gak tapi tak paham mickey ckp jepun.. hihi

magic band tu blk msia i pakai buat bangle. nnt kalu pi disneyland lagi boleh recycle.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

This is so amazing. I am sure you had time of your life :).
Lovely fun blog.
follow each other.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

This is so amazing. I am sure you had time of your life :).
Lovely fun blog.
follow each other.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

This is so amazing. I am sure you had time of your life :).
Lovely fun blog.
follow each other.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

This is so amazing. I am sure you had time of your life :).
Lovely fun blog.
follow each other.

dieya said...

thanks for dropping by. no prob, i'll follow you back.

Farikica said...


Looking at the pictures already makes me happy, lagi plak kalau berada di sana...:)

P/s: My 1st time blogwalking here.

dieya said...

Hi there! Glad to know that the pics make u happy :-)
Will visit your blog soon!