key west: 90 miles to cuba

Today we took a day trip down south to Key West. A military stronghold turned tourist attraction, Key West is a super cute city. Candy colored houses and vehicles. Little white fences. Trees and greens everywhere. Cute, cute, cute!

After 4 hours on the bus, we arrived at Key West.

Bought a trolley ticket in advance from our bus driver (cheaper that way) and hopped on the silver trolley. There were many modes of transportation for tourists to go around the island. Trolley. Conch train. Bicycle. Or if you have the time and energy, you could just walk.

The historic orange/green trolley. We didn’t ride that one though. We took the silver trolley that was newer, cheaper and carried lesser passengers.

Pretty old little town. But don’t be fooled by by what you see. According to the trolley driver, everything in Key West was made to look old, so the new ones would blend nicely into the existing ones. Nice concept. 

Case in point: This cinema was built just a few years ago :-D

Sloppy Joe’s bar, where Ernest Hemingway used to hangout.

Higgs Beach. Home to many birds…

…and Key West AIDS Memorial.

Love this quote <3

Key West is the southernmost city of continental USA. That status is confirmed by a colorful marker at the edge of its shore. One can’t leave Key West without a photo of it. And let me tell you, it could be quite a hassle. Why? There was a super long line just to take a pic with the marker! I wasn’t going to stand in the sun for hours just for a photo op, so I settled for a long shot with other tourists gracing my background.

That was one very popular marker!

The navy has a strong presence here.

Cute little pink house.

Saw the lighthouse. Must climb up!

Love, love, love the view from the top.

Ernest Hemingway’s house, another must visit.

I really enjoyed the guided tour at Hemingway’s house. Got some insights of his inspirations, his wives, his cats etc. And of course, the house itself was very nicely styled. Tiffany chandelier. Patterned bathroom tiles. Not to mention the luxurious swimming pool by 1930s standard that nearly made him bankrupt.

The bedroom.

The bathroom.

The pool.

The cat cemetery. There were a plenty of cats, living and buried, around the compound.

Mile marker zero, the beginning of US Highway Route 1.

This had to be the cutest Hard Rock Café I had ever been to!

Then off to Sunset Pier to see.. what else.. the sun set.

While waiting, we went to eat key lime pie. A must try here.

I had one coated with chocolate. It tasted so much better.

Souvenir carts along the pier.

Popcorn anyone?

And the sun sets in Key West. Good night!


amirah said...

Omg, I never met anyone else who travels so much as you did. But I had a total fun while reading on your travel journey. Rasa macam berangan ada kat situ sekali. hehehe.

Please keep on traveling so when you come back, you'll feed us with many many more interesting write ups!!

DJ said...

wah...menarik sangat tempat ni!dan last sekali, buat terliur je tengok lime pie tu!haish...hahaha

dieya said...

i surely will! have fun guling2 atas salji in austria!

key lime pie tu kalau makan gitu agak menyengat rasa limaunya. tapi bila salut coklat, wahhh.. sgt yummy.

noornazuha said...

Lama tak jupe di dunia blog......:)

dieya said...

sis nazuha,
hi there! yeah, bz smpi tak sempat nak sambung cerita kat sini. hihi.

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

I like the concept new buildings built old...

~jeet~ said...

last picture is the best!! cantik sangat ;) subhanallah!!
cat cemetery tu yang tak tahan...betul punya sayang ek?

susumanis said...

Darling...nk itot u ikut kt blog pun jadi larr ekk

dieya said...

aunty nora,
yeah me too! it keeps the city's character intact.

tuh la, comel2 pulak tu cemetery depa. byk sangat kucing kat rumah tu, gebu2, tapi bila nak pegang dia lari.. pemalu kot

kak su,
nak ikut pegi sekali pun boleh :-)