disney done, next universal

It was time to leave WDW and move to another hotel (a much cheaper one) near Universal Orlando Resort about 20 km away. Before leaving, we had breakfast at the food court, bought some souvenirs at the official store, Fiza did her laundry (I already did mine the night before), then we went around taking pictures of the beautiful resort where we stayed for the past 3 days.

While waiting for Fiza to finish doing her laundry, I saw this in the sky <3

Mighty Ducks wing, where we stayed. Our room was at the end of the ground floor.

Goofy the goalkeeper. This was the poolside. Those “locker rooms” were actually changing rooms and laundry room.

Dalmatian wing.

Oh mi amor!

Now give me a kiss :-*

Fantasia wing.

In the movie, Mickey casted a spell and the broom came to life.

Love Bug wing.

And the winner is…

…Herbie, of course!

Erm... Batting eyelashes... Shy...

The swimming pool at Fantasia wing.

Dancing at the poolside with Disney cast members leading the steps.

Now let’s enter the resort’s main block.

The spacious lobby, complete with screening area so kids could watch Disney movies while parents were busy checking in/out.

The food court. Good selection of meals. Affordable too.

The concierge. Get your taxi here.

If you need help with your luggage, these carts would carry them for you.

We checked out and took a taxi straight to our next hotel. The driver was from Senegal and spoke fluent French. Our taxi passed by Downtown Disney, which we didn’t have time to visit. The driver said we should have gone there while we were at WDW, because there were free shuttles from our resort to Downtown Disney. Ouch! It’s okay, I do plan to visit WDW again one day. The next time, I plan to visit other theme parks. In between, I will surely go to Downtown Disney!

The driver asked if we were planning to go to Universal Orlando Resort. Of course we were, we just had to find out which bus to take to get there. The driver said, “No need, it’s very near to your hotel, you can just walk. I’ll show you the way.” He also assured us that it was safe to walk, day and night, because it was a tourist area and cops were always patrolling around. Excellent!

We checked in and dropped our bags. Fiza didn’t feel well, so she opted to stay in. I decided to go out by myself, so I took I-Ride trolley from the hotel to the nearest factory outlet just 3 km away.

Waiting for I-Ride trolley. The weather was superb!

Inside the trolley. USD 2 per ride.

Orlando Premium Outlets – International Drive. My second outlet spree in 3 days!

Since I was there alone, better not get lost.

By the time I took the trolley back to the hotel, it was already dark. No surprise there, eh? ;-)


noornazuha said...

Hi there Dya...lama x bw ni..masa suntuk betul, i dah kat Vienna skang..so many things happened, i lost my hp and wallet in Rome, my fren just lost her i pad in vienna, luckily we still have money with us and passport...btw u ada fb tak?snng kalau dapat jadi friend kan...:)

dieya said...

hi sis nazuha!
omg! i hope u and your fren are ok. take care and stay safe, both of you. nnt i email u my fb.

~jeet~ said...

fuuh.....US trip full of WDW je pon dah rasa more than worth it. surely the 3 weeks tak cukup ek?

dieya said...

tak cukup! how i wish i had more time! kalu nak pegi semua parks kat WDW will easily take 1 week. nak gi universal studios lagi.. shopping lagi.. i want more!

Zila Zainal said...

bila nak sampai sini niiii.. suma gambar cantik2!

Amal Salleh said...

waaaaaaaaaaaa menarik nyeee .. mmg mcm fantasyland~

dieya said...

Thanks :-) Insha Allah.. kumpul duit tabung, tak lama lagi mesti sampai punya.

Memang cantik sangat! Rasa mcm masuk dlm dunia kartun Mickey.