downtown miami & south beach

Today’s theme was chilling in Miami, slow and steady. Woke up late and walked to a nearby convenience store to get EASY Card so that we could take the bus to go around town. Bought a postcard to send to myself then headed to the post office a few blocks away. I mailed my postcard, Fiza mailed some Xmas prezzies, then we took the bus to Downtown Miami.

Waiting for the bus in front of South Beach post office. Palm trees along the road, very typical Miami.

We took a long bus route that brought us to some interesting (read: unsafe) corners of Downtown Miami. You wouldn’t want to go there at night. Cheap diners, convenience shops, people with shady characters walking on the streets, nothing much to see really. Best to be avoided altogether. Let’s just stay nearer to the shores where the views are much nicer.

Welcome to Bayfront Park, Downtown Miami.

Many boats at the bay.

Our first stop: Hard Rock Café for lunch.

Plain nachos. Twisted mac & cheese with shrimps.

It was almost a thing for me to sample the twisted mac & cheese at different HRCs around the world when I travel. So far I’ve never been disappointed – perfection every time! The nachos came in a huge serving, couldn’t finish it even though we shared.

Then we walked around Bayfront Park. Some nice shops around there selling souvenirs.

American Airlines Arena. This photo means a lot to me coz AA realized my dream to travel around USA with cheap fare. I heart AA!

Cars here don’t have license plate at the front. Weird. Like looking at a man with no mouth.

Miami Mover. Ride around town is free. Didn’t try it though, coz it doesn’t go to any of the touristic places.

This lovely Indonesian lady came to say hi to us. She lives in Kentucky and was on vacation with her family. Had a blast speaking Malay in Downtown Miami!

A statue of Nelson Mandela, one of the many erected at Bayfront Park.

We then headed back to the hotel to drop off the our purchases, before deciding where to go next. Fiza suggested that we should find the Miami Ink tattoo shop. I quickly googled it up and found out that it was actually nearby the post office that we went to this morning! So off we went to look for it, hoping to catch the sight of Ami James and Chris Nuñez in action.

Found it! Woohoo!!!

Inside the shop. It was a tattoo studio cum merchandise store. Bought myself that white top with goldfish. Designed by Ami James, of course.

Super duper excited to see Yoji Harada in the flesh!

Fiza got lucky with Guy “Neutron” Sahar!

I was a little disappointed that the pics at Miami Ink were a bit blurry. Perhaps because I was too excited my hands were shaking! I didn’t use my DSLR (too shy to take it out) so these were taken using my iPhone. Couldn’t be expecting too much from such little piece of gadget, could we?

We then walked to the beach, to get a taste of what we normally see on CSI: MIAMI. The wide sandy beach. The blue waters. Beautiful people flaunting their beautiful bodies. I was almost hoping to see Horatio Caine with his sunglasses B-)

Really appreciate that the city’s effort to put the blue “carpet” on the sand, so that wheelchair users and babies in strollers can go to the beach. Very thoughtful I must say.

Enjoying a sunset stroll on South Beach…

…and loving every minute of it!

As the sun goes down, the lights go up...

…and it’s time to party South Beach style!


DJ said...

wah best nih leh party sakan kat Miami Beach!hehehe kalo saya sampai sana, mesti rasa mcm mimpi...hehehe bestnya!

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Wah, seronoknya dah sampai Miami. Yes dieya, travel when you're young and healthy ( I mean, kaki masih kuat!Ha ha!!)

dieya said...

yeah memang seronok dapat ke miami. selama ni tengok dlm CSI je, bila dapat pegi, happy sangat2.

Aunty Nora,
i had lots of fun! yes insha Allah aunty i will keep on travelling and exploring this beautiful world!

nayzaharyfaz said...

Wowww you went to Miami! Its so CSI :D
Very interesting to know they don't need to have car plate to drive! I guess they don't have to be afraid to get caught from speeding on the road hehee

Sha@Mama Tina said...

Cantiknya Miami!! selagi boleh :) akak tumpang tengok negara orang through your blog ye.. take care dear!

dieya said...

k sha,
thank u coz sudi mengembara bersama dieya. insha Allah selagi diizinkan-Nya, i will go on travelling! u too take care sis!

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

Dieya.. r u going with travel agency or on yr own?..

dieya said...

i went there on my own. free and easy :-)

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

wahh... solo traveler.. berani nyer..

dieya said...

eh taklah solo, my friend fiza kept me company. us two gals meneroka tanah pak obama.

John | Kaki Berangan said...

laaaa kawan kak fiza ke? say hi to her. haha.

dieya said...

Oh kenal Fiza ye? What a small world :-)