bimini in the bahamas

So what did we do hardly two days after entering USA? We left USA!

Well, just for a day that was. It was a last minute decision, we only bought the tickets on the day we arrived at LA. Figured since we had an extra day in Miami, wouldn’t it be nice to go for a quick international cruise and get extra stamps on our passports? So we headed to the Port of Miami, crossed the North Atlantic Ocean and landed in Bimini Island, Bahamas!

All aboard the Resorts World Bimini SuperFast!

The name sounds familiar, eh? Well it should be, to Malaysians at least. It is owned by Genting Group, hence the ubiquitous “Resorts World” branding. I met a Malaysian crew onboard who works with its security team. He said that he only works 4 days a week, he has his own room on the ship (so lodging and food are taken care of) and he spends the rest of his week partying South Beach style. What a nice way to live.

As the ship set sail, we enjoyed the fantastic view of Miami Beach.

We went inside to have breakfast at one of the restaurants. There were several restaurants onboard, we chose the one with the most patrons. Later we figured out that most passengers eat there because the buffet breakfast was only USD 12 and the spread was super huge! So being Asians we ate all we could, then off we went to check out the rest of the ship.

It ain’t Resorts World without a casino!

There were some games going on at the middle section.

It was really windy on the deck…

…but I did manage to catch a good nap here :-D

A couple of hours later we approached Bimini. But because the water was shallow, the ship couldn’t dock at the island. So a catamaran came to pick us up.

Then we hopped on this cute tram to go to Alice Town, the heart of the island.

On the way there, the tram stopped at this stall if anyone would like to buy Bimini’s signature dish – the conch salad.

I didn’t feel of eating any, so I went to check out the beach behind the stall. The view was breathtaking! Saw some tourists picking up conch shells. There were plenty of them on the beach. I thought the tourists wanted to keep the shells as souvenirs, but apparently some actually used them as bowls for conch salads!

At this point we made friends with a middle aged American named John. He bought a bowl of conch salad and offered us to try some. It was basically conch meat mixed with fresh veges like tomatoes and cucumbers. Tasted okay. Something like our kerabu without the coconut.

Conch cages along the beautiful beach.

What does the conch say?

Welcome to Alice Town!

Alice Town was a really small town, so small that we finished touring it in an hour. Most of it was made up of government offices. The rest were shops, restaurants, houses and docks for fishermen’s boats. Bimini was actually a fishing village. Then a few years ago Resorts World came in and built their hotel and casino, transforming the island into a tourist destination.

Local ladies in front of their cute souvenir shops.

Conch shells decorating the main street.

I bet the boat’s owner is an accountant :-D

It started raining for a bit so we went to a seafood restaurant for cover. Met John there, he bought us drinks and we chatted till it was time to leave Alice Town and return to the resort, where the catamaran was waiting to bring us back to the ship. The line to get onboard was pretty long, so we went check out the resort while waiting for the crowd to subside.

The resort is really nice and new, with a mixture of Caribbean and European vibe. Quite befitting I would say, as Bahamas is still a part of British monarchy.

A day at the beautiful Bimini. A taste of the Bahamas for me!


cik selamah kundang said...

bestnya :)

DJ said...

best sangat ni...hehehe

~jeet~ said...

Malaysian making name outside....tu pang rasa bangga... ;)

dieya said...

long time no see! ke mana menghilang? yep mmg best, tempat yang cantik.

bagi pencinta pantai mmg sangat menakjubkan!

indeed! paling best dapat makan nasi goreng vegetarian n ada char koay tiow atas cruise.. hahaha

JaJa'Z said...

Tgk conch shell tu teringat cerita mermaid.. Tak try tiup ke? Hehehe

noornazuha said...

Wow..amazing view laa......btw i dah dapat fm you..thanks so much tau

dieya said...

k jaja,
tak tiup pon dah ramai pakwe hensem datang. kalu tiup tak balik msia karang.

sis zuha,
most welcome :-) glad they've reached u safely.

dyanna said...

Mashaallah. The sea is soooooo blue!
Syoknya! Bahamas didn't get hit by the Polar Vortex? (hope not)

dieya said...

oh yes north atlantic sea is breathtaking!
haha no.. bahamas has tropical weather, very much like ours. otherwise i would have frozen to death without winter gears.