sea world

What? I made you puke with my throwing up tale? Okay, enough of dizzying rides. Let’s move to the next theme park. Definitely no extreme rides for me today. And I would be wearing skirt. Maka kalau nak naik rides, hendaklah rides yang kontrol ayu sahaja. So off we went to…

…Sea World!

As the name suggests, it’s a park filled with water creatures. The main attraction I think are the dolphins. You can see them chilling in their pool. Better yet, watch them doing awesome tricks during their show. And for an extra fee you can even swim with them. Farah was really excited as she had an emotional attachment with dolphins – her first ever virtual pet way back when we were teens was a dolphin. She named her Jennifer. Mine? I think it was a tiger. Or was it a unicorn. I can’t remember.

Birds by the lake. Reminded me of my kid bro. He loves taking pics of birds.

I truly love the park’s layout. Open, spacious and peaceful.

The first show that we watched. Guess who was performing?

SpongeBob SquarePants!

And of course, his sidekick Patrick Star!

Then we headed to Penguin Encounter.

Penguin Encounter has two levels. On the upper floor you can see how penguins live on land. They march, they mingle, they slap each other, haha. But to me the lower floor is more exciting. It’s like a huge aquarium. Penguins jump from the upper floor into the water and you can see them swimming at the lower floor. Super awesome. It’s like a cross section of the north pole!

Penguins swim really fast, hence the blurry pic.

Then we went to Dinosaur Discovery Centre. Nothing much in there actually, just a bunch of computer operated whateversaurus that tilt their heads and open their mouths every few seconds. It was pretty dark in there, as if dinosaurs were only active at nighttime. Or were they? No idea.

You look hungry. Have my churro.

And he finished it. Bad dinasour. Now I gotta get some sundae to snack on.

If you are tired (or bored) of watching animals, there’s an amusement area for some fun and games.

Shall we try our luck?

Come on kids. Bring home those M&M’s!

Next stop was Ray Reef. This place was super cool because…

I got to touch a starfish!

And kiss one too :-D

That roller coaster behind there? Mmm… not today…

Kids playing with dolphins. What a wonderful sight.

She missed her Jennifer… awww…

And it was time to watch the much anticipated dolphin show. It was absolutely amazing! Dolphins were intelligent creatures indeed. They did all sorts of amazing stunts. Jumping. Gliding. Raced with boats. I truly enjoyed every minute. And I know for sure Farah had a blast too.

This little girl was one lucky audience. She got a chance to play with dolphin.

Dolphin surf!

Wiggle wiggle!

Back flip somersault!

Double trouble!

How did it feel? Silky, they said.

The show was a perfect end to our day at Sea World. Before going home, we stopped by the souvenir shop (of course) coz I wanted to but fridge magnets (of course) but too bad they didn’t have any (sad). Kak Minie wanted to have fish and chips, but the stalls were already closed as it was late. So we decided to have it when we returned to Surfers Paradise later.

One happy day at Sea World!


DJ said...

Bestnya pi Seaworld!esp dpt tgk dolphin & penguin tu!

Salam kenal =D

~jeet~ said...

whateversourus must be a new species...kena google ni..hahahaha..

dieya said...

Salam kenal! Yup sea world sgt seronok. Dolphin show paling best, berbaloi tunggu smpi petang.

Tengok laa sapa yg discover kannn... hahaha