movie world

First thing to do in the morning was to buy Go Card. It’s something similar to our Touch n Go card. Top it up and you can use it to ride buses and trains. The best thing about using Go Card is that the fare is cheaper as compared to using single paper ticket.

Bought my Go Card at the info centre behind there.

Waiting for the bus. Destination? Movie World!

I was really excited about movie world because it had been so long since my last roller coaster ride. When was it? Seoul 2010 I think. Wow, 3 years already. So it was my aim to ride all the roller coasters Movie World had to offer.

Farah collecting our tix.

Ohh emm gee.. I’m at Movie World!

First thing to do was to perform solat. Lucky for us there was a musolla (prayer room), so we could do it comfortably. I was impressed by how they designed the wudhu (ablution) area. You could sit with your feet in the basin and perform wudhu without splashing water all over the place. Very clean and dry.

The musolla is in the building on the right, behind Gun Smith. 

The wudhu basin. Love it!

Then off we went separate ways. Pica and I went on roller coaster attack. The rest went to enjoy shows and other attractions. First we headed for the Superman Escape, the park’s key attraction. My oh my, it was awesome! Then we went for the Batwing Spaceshot. Then we wanted to try Green Lantern Coaster but it was closed for maintenance, so we headed for Arkham Asylum. This ride had several 360 degrees loops. We went upside down several times!

After Arkham Asylum I felt a bit dizzy and burped a few times. But I thought never mind, I rode roller coasters many times before, should be fine. So we went for the next ride, Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. This was when something really embarrassing happened. I puked on the ride! Oh my God, never thought such thing would happen, like ever! The funny thing was, despite of the name, it was the least thrilling ride of all. All it did was to go back and forth and sideways in the dark. Nothing adventurous at all. Well, I made it adventurous by throwing up all over myself!

So immediately after the ride Pica and I ran to the musolla to clean up. I washed my shawl and cardigan and left them to dry. Pica helped to get some paper towels and soap from nearby toilet. She also got some puke splashed on her pants as she was sitting next to me during the ride. I felt so guilty.

After cleaning up, I was still burping, so we decided to rest in the musolla for a while until I get everything out. Tried every trick to gag myself – put a finger in my mouth, pressed my tummy, rubbed the back of my neck, laid on my tummy – but none of them was working much. Took a nap, hoping that I would feel better afterwards. I eventually did. By then, 2 hours were gone.

As we went out of the musolla we saw the rest of the gang at the main street, getting ready to watch the parade. They went ballistic because both Pica and I didn’t answer our phones. How could we, we left our handbags in the locker at Superman Escape! So we went back there to get our bags (had to pay AUD 8 fine for leaving our stuffs longer than the time limit) and returned to the main street for the parade.

After the parade, the gang wanted to watch Ice Age 4D. I didn’t feel so good so I went to the toilet and locked myself in there for a good one hour. Tried all I could to burp out whatever was left in my tummy. Even managed to take a nap while on the toilet seat. Only after that I really felt okay.

Superman Escape. One very thrilling ride. With even more thrilling aftermath, if you ask me.

After they others were done watching Ice Age 4D, we all went to the check out the souvenir shops. It was almost closing time (most theme parks in Gold Coast close early, around 17:00) so we gotta do it quick. I went to the photo kiosk to see if we could get the pics of myself and Pica on the rides. Bad news, they only displayed pics from each ride for a short while. If we wanted our pics, we should have bought them immediately after our ride. Maka takde rezeki korang nak tengok muka I muntah atas ride, haha. Anyway, went to the souvenir shop and got myself a t-shirt that I super duper like...

...ohh yes I do ^_^

All in all, we had fun. Some maybe more than the other. Oh well, it was my own fault for getting too excited about roller coasters that made me end up puking half of the time. Moral of the story: Don’t ride one roller coaster after another and another and another. Give your body some time to rest in between, then only go for the next thrill ride. Anyway, even though I missed the Hollywood Stunt Driver show (which Farah said was really amazing) and the Ice Age 4D movie and skipped maybe a quarter of the park, I had a great time. Perhaps because my goal was to ride as many roller coaster as I could, and that was exactly what I did, so I went home a happy gal.

Yup Farah, thumbs up to Movie World!


Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Next time bring along 'minyak angin', or 'tiger balm'. Who knows, you'll need it. Ada satu ketika semasa nak turun tangga di Great Wall of China, , aunty terpelecok. Sakitnya bila berjalan.At the next stop for visiting, aunty duduk je dalam bas. Luckily ada member bawa 'sloan'. Aunty pun gosoklah. Relief! Do remember that, my girl.

dieya said...

aunty nora,
thanks for the advice :-)
i'll surely remember that the next time i pack my suitcase.

JaJa'Z said...

aiyoo...spoil maaaa..kalau akak jd pica..mau akak pun sekali muntah lepas kena muntah dieya..hahha..

roller coaster memang satu menda yang akak akan elak naik..and apa2 je lah yng melibatkan ketinggian n berpusing2..sebabnya akak akan jd pening..n mood nak jenjalan terus ilang..

teringat akak masa kat atas the mall kl naik yg giant ship tu..turun tu pening n terus demam..lagi lah haru..

dieya said...

k jaja,
haha tu la pasal. mmg thankful sgt2 ada pica. dah laa dieya yg beria2 ajak dia naik roller coaster byk2.
uiksss.. sampai demam kak? ish3..kalu k jaja naik roller coaster? masuk sepital kot.. hik hik hik

eiseai said...

i actually missed the hollywood stunt show both times i went, maybe cos i perasan dia tak best tapi next time will definately be in my to-watch list.

the roller coasters tak pernah naik but tunggu on the sidelines cos orang lain nak naik. wasted quite a bit of time like that so this time, no more thrill rides (or waiting for people to ride on thrill rides) hehehe. but then again this time kena spend more time at the WB kids world tu sbb bawak my 4 soldiers.

ish...i shouldnt read ur blog anymore cos now i cant wait to go :P

~jeet~ said...

i totally get you, i almost puke masa kat genting after the big ship, the big ship was after roller coaster..but i stop before kejadian muntah, so i yes, i totally get you :)

i super duper love the shirt ;)

dieya said...

i totally missed WB kids due to the puking incident *sigh*
yeah i bet your 4 soldiers will love it!
ohhh c'mon.. you gotta read what i have to say about the next theme park :-D

lucky that you did stop before anything bad happened. i was just being too stubborn.. heeee...
oh yeah, the moment i saw the shirt, must have it! must!