harbor town factory outlet

I haven’t shared the pics of the place we stayed, have I? Ok, let’s start today’s entry with that. Farah booked us a 2-bedroom unit at Paradise Centre Apartments, smack at the heart of Surfers Paradise. Needless to say, staying at Surfers Paradise cost a bit more than other parts of Gold Coast, but we really enjoyed the convenience. Many restaurants and shops around. Direct bus routes to major attractions, train station and airport. And of course, the beautiful Surfers Paradise beach is just a few steps away.

A view from our balcony. Isn’t it lovely?

Skyscrapers across the block.

Good morning Surfers Paradise!

I totally love lounging on the couch watching TV after a long day of sightseeing.

So what was in plan for the day? The initial idea was to go to Wet’n’Wild water park. By the way we actually bought a combo ticket of 3 theme parks in 3 days. We already covered two of them for the past two days, so it was a no brainer that the third day would be for the third theme park. The night before, I browsed the net to check out what were the attractions at Wet’n’Wild. That was when I noticed that it wasn’t very suitable for us.

For one, most of attractions were water-based, and out of the six of us, I was the only one who brought swimming suit to the trip. So what were the rest supposed to do? Watch me splashing around the entire day? Secondly, today would be my last full day at Gold Coast. My flight home would be tomorrow night, thus I would need to leave Gold Coast by evening to catch a train to Brisbane airport. So I needed to make really good use of today. How so? Go shopping!

Waiting for the bus. Where to?

Harbour Town factory outlet!

I’m a sucker for factory outlets. Been to many of them worldwide. And my shopping strategy is the same every time.

Step 1: Grab a map.

Step 2: Identify key shops to visit. For me the not-to-be-missed are sports apparels, designer bags and shoes. The rest (i.e. watches, cosmetics, household items) I will check them out if I have extra time.

Step 3: Survey round. This is when I visit the shops that I have identified and note down the items that interest me. I usually take about 2 hours choosing, fitting and comparing prices.

Step 4: Purchase round. After the 2-hour survey, I will have a complete list of what I want to buy at which shop. So the purchase round is relatively quick, just pick and pay.

Step 5: If I have extra time, I would check out the shops that I skipped during step 3. Perhaps grab a thing or two.

Step 1 – Done!

Step 2 – Here. There. That too.

All set to go?

Let’s shop till we drop!

We spent the entire day at Harbour Town till the place closed at 17:00. I got myself 2 pairs of Levi’s, several cheap yet nice tops, a pair of Sketchers flats and a Kate Hill leather crossbody bag. All for a fraction of their original prices, woohoo!

Mission accomplished!


noornazuha said...

Hi dhea..dah lama x update..maklumla busy btol skang....shopping sakan nampak?hehe...masa kitaowg g Harbour Town dulu, dah tutop pasl dah lewat sgt...so smpat tgk2 gitu jeh laaa...:)

Zuraida Sarin said...

OMG- love the MK bag.


dieya said...

sis nazuha,
ohh.. kami pulak purposely pegi pagi2 sebab nak spend sepanjang hari kat harbour town. kedai tutup baru ingat nak balik.. haha

love it too!!