halal feature: Jack’s Kebabs @ Gold Coast, Australia

On the night we arrived at Gold Coast we were really hungry, so we blindly walked around Surfers Paradise to find something to eat. As we entered the pedestrian walkway behind our apartment, we saw Jack’s Kebabs.

Pick your meat, your sauce and your veges. Omnomnom!

No pic of the end product as I was too hungry to take a pic. It looked like any other kebab that I had eaten before anyway. Sat at nearby benches and enjoyed our late dinner while watching people passing by. By the way, since we are on the halal topic, I’d like to show you the convenience store where we bought halal meat to cook throughout our stay.

Here it is – EzyMart at Surfers Paradise.

Jack’s Kebabs is opposite McDonald’s. EzyMart is on the same row as McDonald’s. So if you find McDonald’s, you’ll definitely find both Jack’s Kebabs and EzyMart. Still confused? Have no fear, Google map is here:

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saerah80 said...

I just found your blog and honestly, I am so jealous of your travel log...hope to hear more about travel journey...

dieya said...

thank you saerah :-)
inshaAllah with God's grace i will document more of em here.

saerah80 said...

Thanks for following me...what is your next travel plan?

dieya said...

Most welcome. Finalizing plans for nx trip.. Lalalalala.. :-)