carrara markets & surfers paradise

Final day in Gold Coast. It was a hot and sunny Sunday, perfect for an outdoor stroll. After breakfast, we took a bus to Carrara Markets. They advertised themselves as “Queensland’s biggest and best permanent markets”. I always enjoy going to markets anyway. Flea markets, fish markets, fruit markets, Xmas markets… love them all. Great spots to find local products at cheap prices.

Welcome to Carrara Markets!

It’s gonna be a bright… bright… sunshiny day…

Oh that looks fun!

Something for him…

Something for her…

How was it? Hmm… honestly… nothing much to shout about. Ever been to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok? Very similar, but smaller. The products were mostly cheap low quality stuffs imported from China or Thailand or some third world country. Could hardly find anything Australian. The only thing I bought was a bracelet made of corals, just for keepsake.

Took a bus back to Surfers Paradise. Spent the rest of the day wandering around the area. Funny that we had been staying here for several days, but hardly see anything beyond the vicinity of our apartment. I had not even step foot on the beach!

Walking along a pedestrian street near to where we stayed. A nice hang out spot. Lots of restaurants, cafes and shops.

At the end of the street was the infamous Surfers Paradise beach.

The beach was very shady, thanks to the tall buildings around it.

Baywatch dude on duty.

No flags = No swim. Understand?

This place would be home to XXI Commonwealth Games in four years time.

As we walked further north, the beach became sunnier.

Gold Coast Highway. Across the road on the right was our usual bus stop.

Hard Rock Café Surfers Paradise. See the tall yellow buildings behind the guitar? Our apartment in the middle tower.

Returned to the apartment to pack up and clean up. Grabbed our suitcases and headed to the bus stop one last time. One the way, made a pit stop at this particular souvenir shop. Been there at least 3 times throughout the trip. Their t-shirts were the cheapest in the area.

If you are looking for t-shirts, get them here, somewhere along Hanlan Street.

The store was operated by an elderly Chinese lady from Shanghai who barely spoke any English. Amazing how she survived living in this country. Zhe ge (this one). Yi (one). Er (two). Ke yi (okay). Fortunately I still remember some survival Mandarin.

Took bus no. 740 to Nerang Station. It was quite a long ride as the bus passed by residential areas to pick up other passengers. Anyway, managed to arrive at the station nicely in time to catch the next train to Brisbane airport. Topped up Go-Card just enough for the train ride. Would return it at the airport later to get back my deposit.

Good bye Gold Coast. It was fun!


eB said...

bestnyer tgk u jln.....
nk tanyer skit boley x dieya? ader knl mn2 kwn yg wat pakej ke USS? he3 ;p

dieya said...

hi eB,
mmm.. takde dgr lagi pasal pakej USS.. anyway kat s'pore public trasportation diorg bagus. kalau eB nak pegi boleh plan sendiri je. naik bas dgn MRT sgt jimat :-)