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A quick 5 day trip. Flew out of KUL on Wednesday morning. Arrived at BNE later in the evening, the same day. Walked to the train station just across airport. Grabbed tix to Gold Coast. Nerang station to be specific, as it’s the closest station to our apartment at Surfers Paradise. Paid AUD 55 per person for the combination train + chauffeur ticket, coz I heard it would be difficult to get a cab at Nerang station at night.

Brisbane International Airport, taken from the train station. Crossed that bridge to get from the terminal to the station.

The train ride from Brisbane to Gold coast took nearly 2 hours. Arrived at Nerang station around 2200. Texted Farah, she was still at Coolangatta airport. I flew MH, she flew AK. We would meet at the apartment. Hopped into the chauffeur driven car. Nothing fancy actually, just a normal family sedan. Namun sempat juga fefeeling Kim Kardashian gi melancong ada drebar.

In the car the driver told me that there were massive road works going on around the city. They were building tram tracks. So many roads were closed and rerouted. The journey from Nerang station to the apartment should just take 15 minutes, but we took nearly half an hour as we had to go around the town. At this point I was thankful that I took the chauffeur. Imagine if I took metered taxi, erkkk!

Reached the apartment. The reception staff was waiting for us, as Farah already informed them that we would be checking in late. Just as I was grabbing the key, the Farah arrived with Kak Minie. Headed upstairs. Freshened up a bit. Then out again to grab dinner.

This is how they have dinner at Surfers Paradise. Grab a bite, sit anywhere and enjoy Spiderman’s performance.

Then time to zzz. Got big plans for the next day. Superheroes included!


Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Hi dieya...more adventure ya!

dieya said...

hi aunty! yeah, a short one though :-D

JaJa'Z said...

Wuuhuuuuu... Kembali membaca blog dieya!!

~jeet~ said...

Kim K huh??? savour the moment..hehehe..

Zulkifle 'J said...

Happy holiday!

eiseai said...

i have a love-hate relationship with GC. loved my first trip, not so my second trip. will see how my third trip will be (most prob will love heh!)

dieya said...

k jaja,
yuuuhuuuu... selamat kembali :-D

yeah baby yeah!!! bila lagi kannn....

thanks! i'll drop by your blog soon :-)

wahhh u r going again! guess it's the turn to love it this time.. heheh!