squid catching a.k.a. candat sotong - learning points

I don’t usually write learning points for my local adventures. But due to the uniqueness of this particular trip, I think it deserves to have its own learning points.

So you want to go squid catching like we did?

Well, these are the things you need to bear in mind:

1) Book your trip in advance. Way in advance. Especially of you want to go in May, which is the peak time to catch squids. May is also the month of Festival Candat Sotong, thus it can be quite hard to get available boats and the rental fee may spike. And it is also school holidays, thus Terengganu will be packed with visitors.

2) Squid catching boats depart either from Chendering or Marang. Please note that at each location, there are several different jetties for different purposes i.e. LKIM jetty for commercial boats to unload their catch, tourist jetty for visitors to go to Pulau Kapas, and kampung jetty for local small scale fishermen. Be sure of where your boat awaits.

3) Be it from Chendering or Marang, the squid catching spot is about 30 minutes boat ride away, somewhere behind Pulau Kapas.

4) Eat your lunch at least 2 hours before getting onboard. Within 2 hours before leaving the shore, you shouldn’t eat anything heavy to avoid throwing up your guts into the sea.

5) Take seasick medication at least 1 hour before getting onboard. You can get it at government hospitals or private pharmacies.

6) Paste a koyok (medicated band aid) on your navel. It helps to prevent seasick.

7) Bring a jacket. Sea breeze in the middle of the night can be quite chilly.

8) Bring a sleeping bag. The mattress onboard isn’t big enough for everyone to sleep on. If you have your own sleeping bag, you can comfortably sleep on the deck with the soft breeze kissing your pretty face.

9) Bring an airtight cold box or at least a polystyrene box to bring your squids home. Put in lots of ice and ensure the squids are chilled for as long as possible before they make their way into your fridge.

10) If you are taking the squids home by flight, make sure that you drain all the ice before sending the container to for plastic wrapping. We don’t want any liquid to spill inside the aircraft.

If you wish to use the same boat operator that we had, here’s their contact info.

We definitely had lots of fun!

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