squid catching a.k.a. candat sotong

The week before Ramadan, a group of us headed to Terengganu for a weekend trip. Our main objective: To catch squid (candat sotong). I literally pestered Zaza since last year to organize the trip because she’s from Terengganu, therefore should know better about this. Finally this year she made it happen.

FYI squid catching is not a year round event. The best time to do it is during the squid season, which runs from April to July. Booking must be made way in advance, especially if you wish to go during the peak of the season in May, which coincides with Malaysian school holiday, thus attracts more visitors than usual.

Back to our trip on that Saturday morning, we took the earliest flight to Kuala Terengganu. Zaza already went home the night before and would be joining us later in the evening. The plan was to spend the morning at Kuala Terengganu town then head to the jetty just in time to board the boat at 5pm.

Safely touched down. Good morning TGG!

Headed to Pasar Payang for a traditional Terengganu breakfast – nasi dagang.

Tummy full, now shopping time! Totally digging these brooches. 3 pieces for RM 10.

Ellie trying out a new style of batik dress.

The dress was like a caftan with a hidden sash that you could pull to tighten up the waistline. Material: Crepe silk. Price: Roughly RM 250. To me it looked great from the front as it flattered the figure. But from the back it looked quite messy. The dress came in a single size for all (a concept that totally disagree with), thus for someone with slender figure there would be a lot of “leftover” fabric being pulled to the back. Perhaps they should give the design another thought.

We went all around Pasar Payang, stopping from stall to stall (there were lots of stalls in there) till noon. It was a really hot day and Pasar Payang was a confined building with minimal ventilation, thus it was really stuffy in there. We then stopped for ABC and cold drinks then headed out of there.

Zaza texted me suggesting us to climb Bukit Puteri, located just outside Pasar Payang. She said there were some historical monuments up there and we would be able to see the entire city from the top of the hill. However when we got out, we couldn’t see any hill. Furthermore it was really hot and sunny, there was no way we would want to climb up a hill in such scorching weather!

We walked a little further and saw Masjid Abidin a.k.a. the white mosque. Went inside to perform solat, freshened up and rested for a bit. After a good lunch at a nearby nasi ulam restaurant, we flagged a cab to go to Kompleks LKIM Marang jetty, where we were supposed to board the boat.

Faizi, me and Ellie. On our way from the city to the jetty.

Din, the cab’s co-pilot, haha. Stopped at Petronas to refuel.

Arrived at the jetty.

Walked inside to see if our boat was there. The jetty was buzzing with fishermen loading off their catch. They were puzzled to see us there, as much as we were puzzled to see that we were about to board from a commercial jetty like real fishermen. One of them even asked “Adik nok beli ikang ko?”

Called Zaza to inform her that we have arrived. She was still on her way, so we decided to walk around the area. Headed to another jetty nearby called Jeti Pulau Kapas, which looked a lot touristier and was well equipped with toilets and showers. We were all sticky and sweaty, so it was a good opportunity to clean ourselves up while waiting for Zaza to come.

All dolled up, ready to go candat sotong.

Beautiful view of the waterfront.

Din. Ellie. Jeti Pulau Kapas.

A while later my phone rang...

Zaza: U tunggu kat Jeti Pulau Kapas. Nanti orang bot tu datang ambik u all.
Me: Tak payah ambik, kitorang boleh jalan kaki je ke jeti LKIM.
Zaza: Takpe, dia akan ambik. U tunggu tepi jalan.

Ok. So we waited by the roadside.

Then my phone rang again...

Zaza: Tak jadi ambik pakai kereta. Kitorang ambik u all pakai bot.
Me: Haa? Pakai bot?
Zaza: Yup. Tunggu dekat jeti.

Ok. So we walked back to the jetty.

Then my phone rang again...

Zaza: Kensel ambik pakai bot! Bot nelayan tak boleh masuk jeti pelancong.
Me: Haa? Abis tu macam mana?
Zaza: Takpe. I datang dengan tunang I ambik u all.
Me: Biar betul. Kitorang 4 orang. Muat ke kereta?
Zaza: Muat. Kejap je.
Me: Kalau setakat pegi jeti LKIM tu, tak payah ambik. Kitorang boleh jalan kaki.
Zaza: Takpe, I datang ambik. Tunggu tepi jalan.

Zaza.. oh.. Zaza.. kamu ini bikin confuse lah!

So we headed back to the roadside. A few minutes later Zaza and her fiancé arrived. I was puzzled why she insisted to pick us up, as the LKIM jetty (where we were earlier) was only a short walk away. She then told us that the operator had to change jetty at the very last minute. We would no longer board from LKIM jetty, but from a local fishing village nearby. Ini betul macam nelayan kampung pergi menjala ikan!

So the 6 of us in a car headed to the fishing village, where Abang Mie (the boat operator) was waiting. The shoreline was shallow, so we had to take a small speedboat to go the fishing boat which was waiting further down the ocean.

Off to the fishing boat. Stay tuned for our squid catching adventure!

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