halal feature: Restaurant & Bar Les Ponts @ Zagreb, Croatia

Restaurant & Bar Les Ponts is a French restaurant with halal menu located at Green Gold shopping mall. On the map, the mall looked quite near to our hostel. But as we were walking towards it, it felt pretty far. Perhaps because there were not many cars on the road and shops along the way were mostly closed for Christmas Eve.

Arrived at Green Gold.

That way to Les Ponts.

From the inside, looking out.

Once you enter the mall, Les Ponts is on your right, opposite the big Green Gold sign in the previous pic.

A view in front of the restaurant.

All set to celebrate Christmas the next day.

For the life of me, I couldn’t recall what this was. Was it lamb?

Salmon with green sauce. Perfect presentation.

Oh this was mine. T-bone steak with onion rings. The yellow sauce was superb.

Halal certificate clearly displayed for everyone to see. Impressive.

The service at Les Ponts was fantastic. They totally kept up to their image of a classy French restaurant. Similar to the previous restaurant that we went to, halal dishes were clearly marked in the menu. The nice waiter also pointed to us which oil on the table contained alcohol so we wouldn’t dip our breads into it.

The restaurant is located at Radnička cesta 50. If you find Green Gold shopping mall, you’ll find the restaurant. Trams do not go there. The nearest tram stop would be along Ulica kneza Branimira (the road parallel to the main train station) just before the turning into Radnička cesta. From there it’s about 10 to 15 minutes walk to Green Gold. Here’s the place on Google map.


noornazuha said...

Wow..salmon.....love it...seems expensive

dieya said...

Yeah.. It was yummy.. And rather expensive too.. Goes with the restaurant's reputation i guess 😉