halal food bloggers meet up

This is a long overdue post that I owe to these two amazing people: Lina and Bryan.

Who are Lina and Bryan? According to Lina’s own words, they are partner in crime. Food crime. I’ve been following Lina’s blog for a long time. Back then it was called Puteri Berendam. She talks about halal food in Singapore, as well as other places that she has been to. Her blog is now called World Halal Quest, with more exciting entries on her halal adventures. And with Bryan as the photographer, the pics look fantastic.

When Lina told me told me that she’s coming to KL (she’s a Singaporean), I quickly made a mental list of where I wanted to take her to. She made it easier by mentioning that she wanted to have hawker food. Two words immediately came to my mind: Kampung Baru. Nasi lemak Kampung Baru to be specific. So we agreed to meet up at Nasi Lemak CT Garden, my most favorite place to eat nasi lemak in the area. KLians know it better at Nasi Lemak Sekolah (as it is located near to Kampung Baru primary school) or Nasi Lemak Stadium (the old Kelab Sukan Sultan Sulaiman is a walking distance away).

Those who have been there would know that the place is pretty secluded. Poor Lina and Bryan got a little lost finding their way there. Fortunately they did find it eventually, and it was all smiles and laughter when we met up! We grabbed our food and chatted all the way through dinner. Though it was our first encounter, it felt like meeting old friends. We talked about ourselves, travel experiences and of course, food!

Lina, the proud owner of World Halal Quest.

Bryan, who insisted to make that face :-p

Now a better shot of Bryan.

I didn’t take any pic of our food, left it to the professionals ;-) Check out their entry here for the pics. Bryan brought a high end DSLR camera with him, so the food pics turned out really great. Just look at his shot of the chicken feet curry, I’m salivating on my computer already!

Thank you Lina and Bryan for joining me for dinner. It was such an honor to meet you both. Keep on travelling, discovering more halal eateries as you go and writing all about them. Hope the next time we meet it will be in the lion city and we can have chili crab with mantou bun. May all your wishes come true and take care always!


JaJa'Z said...

akak skodeng dah blog lina tu..kemain dia menyengeh ek..suka benor ketawa..hahah anddddd kari kaki ayam betul la..sangat2 menarik dipandang..leleh terus! dieya makan kaki ayam jugak rupanya..hehhehehe.

dieya jumpa diaorang b4 g candat sotong ek?

JaJa'Z said...

lina and brian..they actually?? friends??

dieya said...

bila kita happy, org keliling pun happy dgn kita. rezeki pun mudah masuk.
dieya ni most things makan. kalau batu ngan kayu boleh makan, dieya makan. haha.
yup lina n bryan are friends. k jaja toksah speku2 ya.

~jeet~ said...

ala...walaupon i bukan food blogger..nak nyibuk jugak..ahaha.. (tak tau malu..)

dieya said...

jeet.. sila2.. the more the merrier..
next time i jumpa diorang lagi kita pegi sama2 yek. intro to them food kat PD pulak.