halal feature: Thai Fun @ Frankfurt, Germany

Even though our trip began in Frankfurt and ended in Frankfurt, we spent hardly 2 days in Frankfurt. On both days, we ate at Thai Fun. Even before we headed for the trip, I already made a mental note that I must go to this restaurant. For one, it was a mere walking distance from our hostel. For another, it served Thai food. Nothing better than eating hot and spicy Thai cuisine in German winter!

When we met Dora and Ikhwan at the main train station and they told us that they were taking us for lunch at a Thai restaurant, I was 99% sure they meant Thai Fun. True enough it was! Another schoolmate Syukri and his new bride (they were just married for 3 months or so) also came by, so it was like a mini high school reunion for us. So brace yourself for a lot more food pics than usual.

Crispy duck with veges in soy sauce gravy.

Chicken with cashew nuts. 

Chicken with red and green chilies.

Beef, stir fried with lots of cucumbers.

A huge serving of fried noodles.

And equally huge serving of fried rice.

Different type of chilies on the side. Thai cuisine won’t be complete without these!

In my mad rush to go everywhere, meet everyone and buy everything, I totally skipped taking a pic of the restaurant and its ambiance. Thank goodness for street view function in Google map, I found quite a clear shot of the restaurant from the front.

The picture is quite dated though, taken in June 2008. But the restaurant still looked roughly the same.

Thai Fun is located at Elbestraße 15. It’s a short walk from the main train station, where most visitors first arrive in Frankfurt. This part of the city is pretty much a grid, so it’s easy to navigate your way around. Be careful when walking at night though, all I can say there are plenty XXX shops around the area. Exercise normal caution and you’ll be fine. Here the restaurant on Google map.

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