halal feature: Šeherezada @ Ljubljana, Slovenia

When I was doing my pre-trip research, one thing that concerned me was that I couldn’t find any info on halal restaurant in Ljubljana. Fortunately when we were in Zagreb (last stop before Ljubljana), our favorite Konzum supermarket did sell halal instant noodles. So we bought lots of them in preparation for our next leg of the trip.

We arrived in Ljubljana on Xmas morning, so we stayed out till late to enjoy the celebration. By the nighttime we were quite drained, so all we could think of was to return to the hostel and boil some instant noodles for supper. As we were walking along a quite road, we saw this…

…a kebab joint. Yeay!

We quickly went in and asked if it’s halal. Indeed it was. Really happy to able to eat a proper meal (instead of instant noodles)! Chatted with the guy behind the counter, he was of Turkish origin. He said it was the first time he had customers from Malaysia. He even gave us some freebies. Alhamdulillah! May his business prosper, ameen.

The restaurant was very clean and well lit.

Kebab sandwich, an all time favorite.

Kebab on a plate. Also came with bread.

The menu. Quiet aplenty to choose from.

Wait, there was more.

The nice restaurant operator cleaning up after we left.

Šeherezada is located at the corner of Trubarjeva cesta (a small road) and Resljeva cesta (a main road). It’s very easy to find. If you come from the Dragon Bridge, just walk 50 meters north along Resljeva cesta. You will see the restaurant on your left. Here it is on Google map.

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