halal feature: Konkurenca @ Ljubljana, Slovenia

In comparison to other restaurants that we saw in Ljubljana, this fast food join was relatively huge. It spread over two (maybe three) shop units. The bright green and yellow signage stood out against the otherwise dull grey building exterior, making it really easy to spot.

We went there on a rainy winter day. 

The restaurant is open 24 hours.

Our orders being prepared.

The restaurant operator (the guy on the left slicing meat) is a Muslim from Macedonia. He has lived in Ljubljana for 8 years. He told us that the Muslim community in Ljubljana needs EUR 4 million build a mosque. Their current mosque is just a house. Hopefully they will be able to raise sufficient fund soon, ameen.

On our first visit, we ordered their infamous döner box.

On our second visit, we ordered kebab sandwich wrapped in thin bread.

I must tell you the döner box was really yummy! So glad that we ordered it. The restaurant is conveniently located across the road from Ljubljana main bus station and train station. So even if you are in transit, you’ll be able to take a quick detour from either stations. The address is Trg Osvobodilne fronte 14. Here it is on Google map.

After visiting Konkurenca and Šeherezada, I could safely conclude that my pre-trip worry was completely unfounded. Ljubljana wasn’t deprived of halal restaurant at all :-)


sueisa said...

As salam Deiya,

Tqvm for your info on halal food in Slovenia.
Can you recommend any good place to stay?



dieya said...

Waalaikumussalam Suzanna,
Oh dear i'm so sorry for the late reply. Have you left for Slovenia already? If you are going to Ljubljana, don't worry there are plenty of nice hostels near the river, very close to the city. I took a day trip to Bled, didn't overnight there. It was a worthwhile visit.
Happy traveling!

Mohammad Yonos said...

Thank you so much ! I'm visiting Ljubljana on September inshaa Allah , and I think I'm visiting this nice restaurant. Any advice about accomodation there?

dieya said...

You are most welcome :-)
If you are travelling on budget like me, you can find many hostels near the river. It's a nice walk by the river to go the city, I enjoyed it a lot. Have a great trip!