halal feature: Kaptol Restaurant @ Zagreb, Croatia

A fellow halal blogger Lina from World Halal Quest asked me, “Out of all the halal restaurants you encountered during your travels thus far, which one is you favourite?” It took me a few seconds to think of the answer. I finally decided on this restaurant – Kaptol Restaurant.

Kaptol Restaurant is located at the ground floor of The Westin Zagreb hotel. Being an in-house restaurant of a classy 5-star hotel, one can expect nothing less than a lovely dining experience. Which was exactly what we enjoyed when we were there.

The restaurant is one of several restaurants suggested to me by the local halal council when I wrote to them prior to the trip. It is located smack in the middle of the town, which makes it easily accessible to tourists. Halal dishes are clearly indicated in the menu, and there are quite plenty to choose from.

Choose from the ones marked with halal logo on the right.

Chicken supremé in crispy crust of dried beetroot.

Turkey roll stuffed with mozzarella and dried tomatoes.

Why is Kaptol Restaurant my chosen restaurant? Because I get to experience eating local (albeit pricey) Croatian food here. The chicken supremé that I had was served with traditional Croatian gnocchi. They called it “noodles” in the menu, but it definitely looked and tasted like gnocchi to me. And it was absolutely delicious! Well, did I tell you guys that I’m a sucker for pasta?

As I said earlier, the restaurant is inside The Westin Zagreb hotel. So if you find the hotel, you’ll find the restaurant. The address is Izidora Kršnjavoga 1, within walking distance from Ban Jelačić Square (the main square). Here’s it is on Google map.


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