shop till you drop!

It’s shopping time! Actually, it wasn’t in our original plan to go to Wertheim Village. We were supposed to go to Heidelberg today, but Dora suggested to postpone it to tomorrow and maximize the Saturday doing shopping. Reason being shops in Frankfurt would be closed on Sunday except for restaurants, tourist-related businesses and small convenience stores at train stations. For others, they were required by law NOT to operate.

Dora told me that Wertheim Village would be a real bargain. Since I still have several things that friends and family wanted me to help them buy, it would be a really good idea to go there. Getting there was very convenient – we took a bus from the main bus terminal (next to the main train station). However, the seats must be booked a couple of days in advance, which we did via their website.

The bus departed at 10am and we reached Wertheim Village around noon. The driver told us we had until 4pm to do shopping. I was like, 4 hours only?! I need to do this quick! I immediate planned my shopping strategy:
- First hour: Walk the place from end to end and list down which store I want to visit
- Second hour: Visit the stores, make comparisons and decide what to buy
- Third and fourth hour: Buy! Buy! Buy!

Christmas tree at Wertheim Village.

There weren’t many people yet when we arrived. By the time we left, the place was packed.

Ready… Get set… Shop!!!

By the time we returned to the bus 4 hours later, I had so many shopping bags… on my lap… at my feet… over my head… that I barely had space to sit! Yes, the products were super cheap. And because post-Xmas sale was on, some could go down to 70%-80% discount. Obviously, not everything that I bought was for me, I did quite a lot of purchases on behalf of others at home.

By the way, beginning 2013 there would be two bus trips a day from Frankfurt to Wertheim Village, so more chance for everyone to go there. However, it also meant shorter shopping time – I had 4 shopping hours, the new schedule would only give about 3 shopping hours for each trip. Too short, I think. Return ticket is EUR 10 for adults, free for kids.

We reached Frankfurt, returned to the hostel, freshened up… and… went out to Zeil for more shopping! The thing was I couldn’t find some of the stuffs that people asked me to buy at Wertheim Village, so I had to resort to buying them retail. Since tomorrow the stores would be closed, I had no choice but to continue shopping that very night. I was out at Zeil till the malls started closing one by one. Luckily I managed to get everything that I needed to, otherwise there would be some unhappy faces waiting in Malaysia.

Went back to the hostel, all tired from the day long shopping. Gotta get some rest. Going for a day trip to another city tomorrow!


JaJa'Z said...

amboi..sakan dia bersohhhping yer...bagus2...

dieya said...

sakan bershopping bagi pihak orang lain.. hehehe.. menunaikan kiriman2 org di mesia

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

'Buy buy buy' ni yang sedap kalau ada $$$$$! Semua cantik-cantik belaka ye dieya!

dieya said...

Buy buy buy utk org lain.. Balik msia claim dari tuan punya barang.. Hihihi
Betul aunty.. Cantik2 semuanya.. Sungguh mengujakan