heidelberg in a day

Today we headed 90km south to Heidelberg. Since Dora lives in Erlangen, I made a plan to meet her half-way in Mannheim. Then we would take another train together to Heidelberg. I was a bit worried as Dora was expecting, but she assured me she was okay. In fact she loved going to Heidelberg even though she had been there countless times.

A quiet Sunday morning in Heidelberg.

“Hard Rock Café” Heidelberg, one of the very few shops that were open.

There was an interesting story behind this particular “Hard Rock Café”. It didn’t belong to the Hard Rock Café franchise that we could normally see worldwide. This little “Hard Rock Café” was one of the few pioneer cafés established way before the brand was taken over by big conglomerates. Therefore even though it wasn’t part of the franchise, it was allowed to retain the logo. To date, “Hard Rock Café” Heidelberg might be the only survivor of the pioneer batch.

Me and Dora. She was preggy, but I was fatter. Ugh!

Enjoying the beautiful view of German countryside.

The cute little old town.

We spent some time wandering around and bought some nice souvenirs. After a good lunch, Dora had to go home. So we bid her auf wiedersehen a la Heidi Klum and then continued our exploration across the river, up the hill, to visit Heidelberg Castle.

Heidelberg Castle on the top of the hill, as seen from the old town.

Inside the courtyard. Quite a lot of visitors even though it was freezing cold.

A miniature model of the castle during its heydays.

Since its construction circa 1214, the castle has been devastated by war, explosions and destructions.

Touring inside the castle. The blonde lady was our guide.

A view of the city from the castle’s outdoor balcony.

We stayed in Heidelberg till night came, then took a train back to Frankfurt.

Had dinner...
Packed our bags...
Flying home tomorrow.....


Ismaliana Sulaiman said...

tetiba t'ingat dora explorer.. ;)& bila tgk tempat ni terus t'ingin nak ke bkt tinggi... nak pi sini mmg x berkemampuan le..kita pegi yg dalam m'sia pun jadi lah...hehee

dieya said...

Dora yg ni pun explorer juga kak.. Dah bertahun2 duduk di negara orang 😄
Bukit tinggi pun cantik. Colmar resort tu mcm kat perancis.