halal feature: Szeráj @ Budapest, Hungary

As I mentioned in my earlier entry, the Turkish empire ruled Hungary for 145 years. As such it is only natural that they left some legacies behind. One of them is food.

The moment I entered Szeráj, I immediately thought of one word: Istanbul. The setup. The dishes. The verses from Quran decorating its walls. It was almost as if I was in Istanbul once again. Needless to say, Szeráj is a Turkish restaurant after all.

With its yellow exterior and bright green signage, the place was hard to miss.

Peeked inside. Saw the Quranic verses. Happy!

Now let’s go in and have dinner.

The restaurant’s concept is very much like Malaysia’s kedai mamak. Pre-prepared food on display. You choose whichever dishes that you want. They’ll charge you accordingly. And I must mention that this particular restaurant has a really large array of dishes to choose from. The prices are reasonable. Credit cards are accepted.

A nice mix of chicken, potato and vegetables.

Very similar to chicken tikka, but spicier. Hungarians love their pepper.

The place expands 2 floors. Definitely the biggest halal restaurant I’ve been to in Europe.

The restaurant is located at Szent István körút 13. It is on the same street that connects to Margaret Bridge. So if you come from the bridge, all you need to do is to walk straight towards Nguyati railway station. You’ll see the restaurant on your right, at the corner of Szent István körút and Honvéd Street. Here it is on Google map.


ismaliana sulaiman said...

mcm nasi papdrik plak... :)

dieya said...

hahaha betul laa kak :-D