halal feature: Salzburger Kebap Haus @ Salzburg, Austria

Every time I travel, my eyes always get alerted by the word kebab. At places with minority Muslim population, kebab usually means halal food, because most of the time kebab sellers are Muslims. Even if they are not Muslims, the usually come from Middle East. Therefore they understand the requirements of Muslim diet and able to direct me to places where I can find halal food. Finding kebab also means I can eat fresh meat and stop relying on Maggi mee!

I saw this kebab joint as I was on a bus ride returning from Altstadt to the main bus station.

The place is just a short walk away, on the same side of the road as the train station.

The opposite view of the street, heading towards Altstadt.

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

A view inside the kebab joint.

Sizzling hot doner pizza in wintertime. Yummy!

A plate of kebab, served with bread and fries.

The menu board, complete with price. They also serve hot dogs and pasta.

The place is located at Rainerstraße 24. If you come from the train station, walk along Rainerstraße street with the station on your left. Keep walking straight for about 400 meters (along the way you’ll see a Shell gas station and a Subway sandwich restaurant across the road) until you reach the kebab joint, which will be on your left. Here’s the location on Google map.

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