halal feature: Istanbul Török Gyorsétterem @ Budapest, Hungary

Another piece of Istanbul in Budapest. This time, the restaurant itself is named Istanbul. I saw the restaurant the day before, as we were walking aimlessly along Teréz körút after having dinner at Szeráj. Actually, there were a number of halal restaurants along Teréz körút. We decided to give Istanbul a try as it looked a bit more... errr... established, lacking a better word.

The restaurant has 2 floors. Order your food downstairs…

…then bring it upstairs to eat.

Pretty nice setup they have here.

I only remembered to take a pic of my kebab after eating it halfway, hence the bite marks :-D

If you wanna do takeouts, you can order at the window.

Choose your kebab and order with the man in green.

Apart from kebab, they also serve a variety of Turkish dishes. But somehow we only decided to order kebab. Too tired and hungry to think. And it was already quite late at night, so there wasn’t much variety left to choose from the buffet menu. Therefore, food wise, I only have a poorly focused pic of half eaten kebab to show you.

The restaurant is located at Teréz körút 23, not too far from Oktogon metro station. Here it is on Google map.

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