halal feature: Hana’s Rasoi @ Salzburg, Austria

The first restaurant that we went to in Salzburg on the very day that we arrived there. We actually stumbled on it by accident while walking along Griesgasse street. Since I already did my research prior to the trip, I already knew the restaurant existed somewhere in Altstadt (the old town), yet I didn’t expect it was so easy to find. What a nice surprise!

The restaurant’s name is Hana’s Rasoi. Operated by an Indian family, the cuisine –as you may have guessed – is Indian. They have lots of dishes, but only the lamb and chicken are halal. So if you go there, please stick to those.

Sleepy. Jet lagged. Hungry. Yet still smiley.

The restaurant has quite a nice setup.

Started with some salad.

Then the main course: Chicken tikka.

The other main course: Butter chicken.

Bill for two was EUR 34 (MYR 136). Do not convert or you’ll get a heart attack.

The next day we went to the restaurant again for dinner. Main course: Black pepper chicken. Yup, not black at all.

The other main course: Tandoori chicken.

My main course: Lamb curry.

Bill for three was EUR 48.90 (MYR 196). Considered ok for a nice restaurant.

How to get there? From Griesgasse street, enter that little tunnel to go to the restaurant.

A flipside view showing the street. That’s the restaurant’s sign pointing to the tunnel.

Walk through the tunnel…

…once you get out of it you’ll see the restaurant on your left.

Halal sign at the door.

The opposite end of the tunnel that we walked through just now.

The restaurant’s official address is Getreidegasse 18 in the old town. However, it is actually physically located along an alley that connects Getreidegasse and Griesgasse. Here’s the place on Google map. You won’t see the alley on the map as it is between buildings.

Happy tummy = Happy me!


JaJa'Z said...

Nampak likat kemain karinya.. Tandoori tu mcm superb jer..

~jeet~ said...

The interior reminds me of bismiellah resto at Cape Town....somehow... ;)

dieya said...

K jaja,
Betul tu. kari diorg sgt pekat. Mcm rendang. Tandoori tu ok, mcm kedai mamak. Butter chicken dia superb.

U r such a genius! Actually masa kat sana lg i dah terfikir.. Kat mana ya penah tgk restaurant mcm ni. Now i remember!