halal feature: Aydin Kebap @ Salzburg, Austria

Another halal kebab joint in Salzburg. This one is located very nearby the main bus station. We saw it nearly every day as we walk from our hotel to the bus station and vice versa. However we only tried its food on our very last night in Salzburg.

Aydin Kebap. Selling kebabs of Turkish specialty.

We each bought a “kebap sandwich”, which only cost us EUR 3 a piece. Such a far cry from our first day’s meal at the fancy Indian restaurant!

A peek through the glass window.

Aydin Kebab is located at Südtiroler Platz 7. From the main bus station, you can practically see it across the plaza. Here’s the place on Google map.


ismaliana sulaiman said...

aduhh..lapaq terus tgk kebab tu.. blm sempat lunch.. smbl tunggu kakak mya b'siap nak ke sekolah agama bw jap..

dieya said...

Sempat lagi mem supir bw ya. Maklumlah dah ada unifi, berbaloi2 kan!