goodbye ljubljana, hello frankfurt!

We flew out of Ljubljana as early as 7am and arrived at Frankfurt 1.5 hours later. Our second time touching down there in 2 weeks. Took the train to the city and went the hostel to drop our bags. Then immediately headed out to explore the city.

First stop: Römerberg. Had to be the most (if not the only) non-metropolitan sight in Frankfurt.

The bear and bull in front of Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Why? Bull market = Upward market trend. Bear market = Downward market trend. 

Always wanted to take a pic with this Euro sign!

Cute bald trees lining by the Main river.

Tall shiny buildings all over town.

By the time I finished my self-guided tour, I got a call from my friend Dora saying that she had arrived in the city. Me, Dora and her hubby were schoolmates. I told her a month in advance that I would be coming over. Very “German” of me, she said :-D

After all the hugs and screams, we headed to a nice Thai restaurant to meet up another schoolmate and had lunch together. It became a little school reunion for us, all the way in Frankfurt. There were lots of eating, talking and laughing happening. Yet guess what, I totally forgot to take a group photo of us! Arghhh!

Returned to the hostel to check-in and solat, then went out to Zeil, the city’s main shopping district. Didn’t buy anything much as we already made a plan to go to Wertheim Village factory outlet the next day. It was more about getting the stuffs that friends and family had asked me to help them buy in Europe.

Frankfurt metropolitan skyline after dark. Gute nacht!


alenna abbas said...

Just beau......tiful. Bilalah aunty dapat ke sana!

dieya said...

aunty nora,
inshaAllah.. dieya doakan cepat2 aunty dapat sampai ke frankfurt!