a tiny island in the middle of a lake

Today we traveled 50km up north to a small town named Bled. Initially I wanted to book an all-inclusive day tour, but a fellow tourist told me that it would be really expensive. Then I found out we could actually take a bus from Ljubljana and the lake was a short walk from Bled bus station, which would save us a lot of money. So we did just that. Woke up early, went to McDonalds to pack some breakfast, then we took the 8am bus to Bled. By the way, the bus had free WiFi, woohoo!

Welcome to the beautiful Lake Bled. On the top of the hill is Bled Castle overlooking the lake.

It was my personal mission to walk around the lake. It would be a 6.7km walk, which was bearable. After all we would be leisurely stroll, stopping from time to time to admire the scenery and take photos. So we walked anti-clockwise (the lake to our left) and headed to the first pit stop – Bled Castle.

Grad = Castle. That way up please.

It was quite an uphill climb! That couple was really sweet. The guy climbed faster than the girl, yet he would stop at one point then waited for the girl to catch up. When the girl reached him, he would give her a kiss. Awww…*heart melts*

Heading into the castle’s entrance.

A view from the top. Julian Alps in be background. Lake Bled down below. Breathtaking.

And the castle had free WiFi, double woohoo!

Bled Island in the middle of the lake. It was quite a cloudy morning.

Part of the castle’s complex. If you want to get married here, you can have your wedding at that little gazebo on the right.

As we left the castle and walked down the hill, I noticed that there were actually many routes that could be taken to go up to the castle. The one that we took was the mediocre route. A more challenging route would involve trekking and climbing through the woods. Of course, there was also a much easier route – just drive up your car all the way up.

We continued our walk around the lake, admiring the beautiful sight it had to offer.

Julian Alps. Lake Bled. Its tiny island on the left. Amazing.

We then took a “pletna” (a paddleboat similar to a gondola) named “Gorenjka” to go to the tiny island.

The island was mostly occupied by a church.

According to legend, a young widow who once lived at the Bled Castle ordered a bell to be installed in the church in memory of her husband. Unfortunately during delivery, the boat carrying the bell was hit by a storm and sank. The Pope then donated a new bell and sent it to the island. It was said that whoever rang the bell, their wish would come true.

Arrived at the island. “Traditionally it is considered good luck for the groom to carry his bride up the 99 steps on the day of their wedding before ringing the bell and making a wish inside the church,” says Wikipedia.

Inside the church. Pull that rope hanging in the middle near the altar to ring the bell.

We left the island and continued walking around the lake. Saw a campsite nearby. If the weather was warmer, camping by the lake might be a great idea (could save some cash too). Soon we reached the point where we started – Bled bus station. By that time it was almost sunset. Pretty good time management I would say. Hopped on the bus and returned to Ljubljana.

Had dinner. Walked back to the hostel. Packed our bags. Went to bed. We got an early morning flight to catch tomorrow. Nope, not going home yet though! ;-)


noornazuha said...

wow.....cantik btol view.....

dieya said...

Lake Bled mmg sgt cantik. From the mountains to the lake to the island. Sungguh indah.

Klemen piber said...

Gorenjka..the boat of my grandfather...tnx for picture..