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After spending the entire day on the train yesterday, I was really excited to get back to sightseeing. We walked towards the main train station and the “Green Horseshoe” – a row of three parks across the road from the station.

Glavni Kolodvor, the train station where we arrived last night.

King Tomislav Square, the first of the three parks, with a monument of the first Croatian king.

It was a pretty quiet morning in Zagreb.

We walked along the Green Horseshoe...

...till we reached Trg bana Jelačića a.k.a. The Main Square.

Zagreb Cathedral and its Xmas tree.

These huts were for Xmas market. It was still early so they weren’t open yet.

We then headed to Dolac Market, the best known farmer’s market in Zagreb. It was amazing to see how clean and organized it was! Why can’t our Pasar Tani look like this?

The Stone Gate, the only surviving gate of the medieval town of Gradec.

Church of St. Mark. Its tiled roof is decorated with coat of arms of Zagreb (white castle on red background) and Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia.

Our next stop was the Museum of Broken Relationships. The only one its kind, the museum displayed mementos from people who had lost their loved ones i.e. death of a family member, breakup, divorce. Most of the items were quite common i.e. shirts, letters, watches. Yet some, such as this one, were quite interesting...

Just like Shakira’s song, “Lucky that my breasts are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains…”

And I found this particular exhibit to be very sad. Perhaps because it reminded me of home.

We then took this old funicular down the hill. It was one of the shortest public-transport funiculars in the world, the track was only 66 meters. I could have reached faster if I took the stairs.

Ilica Street, the city’s main shopping street.

We then headed to Westin Hotel to have lunch at Kaptol Restaurant. Why so classy? Because it was one of very few restaurants in town to serve halal food. Funny that we stayed at a cheap youth hostel, yet we ate at a 5 star hotel :-D I’ll talk more about the restaurant and the food when I write my halal feature later.

We returned to our hotel.. oops.. hostel.. to freshen up. Then we went out to see the city at night and visit the Xmas markets. By the way, I just realised I didn’t have any photo of the night :-( So you just have to trust me when I say that the night was cold, the Xmas markets were pretty and the stuffs sold there were really cheap as compared to other cities we went to before.

By the way, if anyone tells you that you can finish touring Zagreb in a day, guess what, that's actually right. By the end of the first day we had seen everything we wanted to see, some even twice. It did help that most of the attractions were within walking distance from each other. So we spent the rest of the night surfing the net, looking for things do the next day!


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Haha seram menengoknya kak.. Nnt carikan akak yg lg beso mau?