up the hills, down the gardens, still singing sound of music

We started the day with a visit to Festung Hohensalzburg (Salzburg Fortress). Not so long ago, Salzburg was a rich independent state, with their main source of economy coming from salt. Yes, the people became rich simply by selling salt! In fact the name “Salzburg” by itself meant “Salt Castle”.

To protect the city’s wealth, a fortress was built on the top of the hill.

Entrance to the fortress. 

Arrived on top!

Beautiful view of the Salzburger Dom (cathedral) and its turquoise roof. It rained the night before so most of the snow had been washed away.

The building with red onion dome is Nonnberg Abbey. Maria was a nun-in-training here before she married Captain Von Trapp.

We then headed downhill to Alstadt. The old town was pretty small, we practically had gone around it twice, so there wasn’t much else left to see. It was Sunday morning, church bells were ringing and shops were closed. As we were wandering aimlessly, we saw that Salzburger Residenz was open to visitors, so we headed inside.

Salzburger Residenz, the city palace of Salzburg Prince Archbishops who ruled the state before it became a part of Austria.

A beautifully decorated room, which reminded me very much of Château de Versailles.

Guns from 1595 on display.

A long and spacious hallway.

We then headed to Mirabell Gardens, the last Sound of Music venue we had yet to visit. It was prominently featured during the song “Do Re Mi”. The children were seen running around the gardens while putting their newly learned music notes into practice.

As it was wintertime, there wasn’t any flower. I bet it would look much better in springtime.

The Von Trapp children went around this fountain...

...and jumped up and down the steps singing So.. Do.. La.. Fa.. Mi.. Do.. Re..

So.. Do!!!

Honestly, 2 full days were enough to enjoy everything Salzburg had to offer. No doubt, it was a very beautiful city with many nice things to see. Well, most of them were within walking distant from one another, thus we could cover everything much faster that we thought. Some of them we covered twice, some even thrice. So by this time, we were actually.. quite.. bored..

Headed back to Alstadt. Those classic signages were typical of the old city. 

Spent the rest of the day going from one Xmas market to another…

…feasting our eyes on the fancy products they had to offer.


JaJa'Z said...

ha..part yang lari2 kat air kolam air pancut tu akak sempat tengok kelmarin..hahha..syoknyaaaa

dieya said...

nampak dah kan dlm music video tu. pasni carik full dvd pulak ye.

ahkakbatik said...

cntik2 nya gambar laling....
besaukan sikitler width main page ni nnti gambo boleh jadi besau.. badan dieya pun nampak gumuk.. suka kaktek dieya nampak gumuk nnti... ngeh3x.

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

It's better to go free n easy like this. Tak terikat macam schedule agency. They only visit chosen tourist spot.

susumanis said...

Bestnyer jalan jalan darling, selamt menyambut mauldur Rasul today ya dieya darling :)

dieya said...

tu laa dieya pun rasa mcm kecik kan, tak puas tengok gambo. nnt try godek2 weekend nih.
uiks.. nampak gemok??? tak jadi lah!!!

aunty nora,
exactly my thinking. we have all the time to go to wherever we want. cuma kena plan betul2 dan berdisiplin. kalau tak nanti tak sempat nak cover tempat2 yg nak dilawat.

kak su,
seronok sgt :-) salam maulidur rasul utk kak su sekeluarga!