the hills are alive with the sound of music

Time for the Sound of Music tour! Growing up watching the movie countless times, I really looked forward to this. Booked the tour through the hotel at EUR 37 per person. The operator came to pick us up early in the morning and took us to Mirabellplatz, where a big bus was waiting.

I quickly hopped on and chose the front most seat, so I could get a good view of the scenery ahead.

It was a white morning in Salzburg!

The first stop was Schloss Leopoldskron.

Looks familiar? That’s because it was featured in the film “Sound of Music”. Remember the scene where Maria and the children were in the boat heading home.. then they saw the Captain waiting near the gate.. then the boat overturned and they fell into the lake? Yup, it happened here! By the way, it was winter so the lake was entirely frozen.

Then we headed to Schloss Hellbrun…

…and walked past its pretty Xmas market.

This way please. The lady with umbrella was our tour guide.

Right outside the gate was this! I am sixteen going on seventeen.. la.. la.. la..

Inside the pavilion. Too bad it was permanently locked due to numerous accidents happened as tourists jumped from bench to bench singing “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” :-D

Passed by Schloss Frohnburg. It was featured as the front of the Von Trapp family home. Maria walked through that gate when she arrived there for the first time.

We then headed out of Salzburg to another town called Mondsee, about half an hour away. In the heart of the pretty little town was Mondsee Cathedral, where the scene Maria married Captain Von Trapp was filmed. By the way, in reality, the wedding didn’t happen here. They actually got married in Nonnberg Abbey, where Maria initially studied to become a nun.

The beautiful Mondsee Cathedral.

Xmas market and colorful shophouses opposite the cathedral.

She walked down this aisle in her gorgeous wedding gown.

After spending some time in Mondsee, we returned to Salzburg. The bus dropped us back at Mirabellplatz. We then continued tracing the footsteps of Maria Von Trapp throughout Salzburg old town on our own.

Crossing the bridge to go to the old town.

The horse bath with yellow backdrop.

While Maria was singing “I Had Confidence in Me”, she stopped by this horse bath and splashed some water. It was funny to see the horse covered in plastic casing. Kuda tu sejuk kot?

Then we went through this get to take the Mönchsberg elevator up to Winkler Terrace.

Winkler Terrace, where Maria introduced the children to “Do Re Mi”.

We later walked through old pedestrian streets…

And little covered alleys…

Till we reached Mozart Bridge, where the Von Trapp children skipped and sang “Do Re Mi”.

We had one last Sound of Music checkpoint to go to, but it was already dark, so we decided hold it till tomorrow. Went to have dinner and wandered around the old town, stopping by shops and pretty Xmas markets along the way.

Nice handicrafts…

Yummy gingerbreads…

And fridge magnets!


Shue said...

Hellooo dear,

omg! so very2 nice pictures! love them all.
Glad you had a great time.

JaJa'Z said...

memutih salji je kat sana yek..sah2 la gedik2 badan akak kalau ada kat sana...i tertarik kat gambar last sekali.hehehhe

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Teringin sangat nak ke sini. Lain kali sound-sound kat aunty ye.

dieya said...

hi! glad u like the pics :-)
yup i did have a fantastice time!

k jaja,
salji merata2.. cantik sangat!
ish apasal plak nak menggedik ni, timbus ngan salji baru tau.. jadik snow woman terus :-D

aunty nora,
no prob aunty.. bikin konsert sound of music!

eiseai said...

when i went to salzburg dulu (duluuuuuuu) they were having this 'event'. some people on sticks walking around the city, hitting people macam konon2 hitting the evil-ness out of them. it was scary!! but i had a great time skiing even though baru jatuh tangga the weekend before the trip :)

have fun babes :D

Luizze Oliveira said...

All the Pictures are looking very beautiful. Picture of Schloss Leopoldskron is my favourite and looking better than all other.

Costão do Santinho

Khairul Abdullah said...

Nice...I went there last year during spring. Its a worth roadtrip. Thinking of going to Salzburg again this summer.

dieya said...

panjangnya your duluuuuu.. i guess that was before the 4 eai's time then ;-)
omg i read about that event!!! fortunately it didn't coincide with the time i was there *phew* heard it could be quite a riot.

thanks so much, glad u like the pics :-)
Schloss Leopoldskron is such a beautiful building. too bad visitors can't go in unless attending an event there.

salzburg is a pretty city indeed! i bet the mirabell gardens look a lot better in spring/summer than it was in winter ;-)