berchtesgaden & the salt mine

Today we travelled up the Bavarian Alps, across Austrian-German border, to a charming little town called Berchtesgaden. It was a nice journey passing through mountain villages covered with snow everywhere. As we were about to cross the border, the guide announced “If you bring your passports you can wave them at the window.. dunno who to..”

That was one of the things I really like about travelling in EU – you can go from one country to another freely, no passport check. The only thing that marks the border is a small sign saying “You are now entering Germany”. And the countries use the same currency. And the train connection is superb.

The Alps. Simply breathtaking.

Intercontinental Hotel, the nicest in town. Take a close look at the peak of the mountain...

...perched on the top was Kehlsteinhaus a.k.a. The Eagle’s Nest – Hitler’s home.

A short while later, we arrived at Berchtesgaden town.

It was such a charming little town. I immediately fell in love with it!

Stopped for hot choc and wrote a postcard.

A very cute signboard of the advent market.

Edelweiss.. Edelweiss.. Every morning you greet me..

We hopped back on the van and continued our journey. Next stop: The salt mine. As I said earlier, in the olden days, salt made Salzburg rich. Though the mine was located in Germany, the salt traveled across the border through Salzach River, which allowed the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg to collect tax from them.

Welcome to the salt mine! A troop of German army waited at the entrance. No worries, WW2 was over a long time ago. They were there to mine salt just like us.

All geared up in miner’s overalls.

We had to go down this wooden slide deep into the mountain. Felt like riding a roller coaster!

Inside the salt mine.

It was a really fun and educational tour. The slide was the best part. It was exactly the way miners entered mine during those days. What a cool way to go to work!

We then headed back to Salzburg and spent the evening doing some shopping. Managed to get myself a pair of really cheap winter boots to replace the one I left in London. Thanks to Dora for introducing Deichmann, a store selling really cheap yet pretty nice shoes. Considering I still had many cities to go to, I could only buy one pair. Otherwise.. well.. let’s not even mention it..


ayapunyacinta said...

dieya dear, now in germany?!

you really travel a lot! i wish we can swap our life once, i envy u! hehee

have a great holiday, dear!

btw dieya, i suggest u to have a wider column for your entry, so that we can enjoy the photos clearly. rugi la you've got a lot of nice photos to share ;)

JaJa'Z said...

Dieya.umah Hitler tu now dah jd apa? tempat sejarah jugak or memang ada someone yg dok situ..

kalau tau bleh pesan garam sekilo :p

dieya said...

hahaha.. i bet your life ain't so shabby either :-)
owh.. you are the second person who mentioned about it. nampaknya kena godek2 juga my blogger dashboard this weekend.

k jaja,
tak sure jadi apa, musuem kot? tourist boleh melawat tapi kalau winter dia tutup coz terlalu sejuk kat atas tu.
uihhh jgn makan garam byk2.. nanti darah tinggi!

PatinPasta said...

Waaaaaaaah Dieya!
Bestnye masuk itu lombong! And how actually did you slide on that thing? Sat on it or legs apart? Ampun ye, soklan tak ilmiah but only because I too feel it's to freaking cool to be sliding down there!

Err.. beli kasut je ke? Garam tak? :D

dieya said...


memang best! yes, gotta sat on it with my legs apart. kalau nak try duduk satu side mcm kak limah naik vespa boleh jugak.. tapi kalu jatuh guling2 masuk lombong.. nasib la yer

garam dapat free. maklumlah pelombong berjaya :-D

~jeet~ said...

i have the postcard..subhanallah..cantiknya Alps.. surely you didnt blink at all bila tengok all the nice view, bukan hari2 boleh tgk ye tak?

thanks for the postcard :) nanti i tayang semua sekali .. :D

dieya said...

memang tersangat cantik.. i almost didn't believe my eyes!
no prob babe :-) glad u got em all. risau jugak.. maklumlah those eartern bloc countries bukan biasa sgt dgr nama mesia.