halal feature: Chez Yanina, Paris, France

I like crêpe. I like Paris. I like eating crêpe in Paris. Especially during cold weather. Nothing like holding a hot banana and chocolate crêpe in your hand while admiring French architecture at 0 degrees Celsius.

Want to eat halal crêpe in Paris? Head to Chez Yanina. Actually this place sells more than crêpe. It has kebab, falafel and other food as well. But I wanted crêpe. And they gave me crêpe.

Told you they sell more than crêpe.

A bunch of French kids passing by.

The chef was all smiles. 

Halal certificate on the wall.

My turkey and cheese crêpe. Heavenly!

A view from across the street.

The place is located at 19 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, not very far from Hard Rock Café. I actually came across it while I was on my way to Hard Rock Café. Exact location on Google map as below.

I’m hungry. Let’s go to Paris and eat crêpe.


ahkakbatik said...

Dieya, apa kata kan... nnti ktek dh balik msia.. hang mai umah kaktek. kaktek hidang lempeng dengan upah bayaran tiket pi paris?

dieya said...

kaktek.. bilo laa kaktek nak balik mesia tu.. lamo dah den tunggu.....

Luizze Oliveira said...

Chez Yanina restaurant is more popular for Kabab. It offers good food with best price and it is open until 6am. Restaurant's services are so systematic.

Costão do Santinho

dieya said...

i didn't try their kebab. had too much kebab while travelling around europe ;-)
it's open till 6am? wow, that's good to know, thanks for the info!