sudden motivation

Taxi drivers are men with colorful characters. Very chatty too. Most of them like to talk about politics, bashing the government, giving their two cents worth on how the country should be run. Others share the things that they are passionate about i.e. religion, fishing, herbal remedies.. the list goes on.

I took a taxi recently, and it turned out to be the most inspiring ride I ever had.

I hopped in and told the driver where I wanted to go. He started driving. “Nak baca paper?” he asked, handing me a Harian Metro. He told me to look at the front page, there was a story about a old man taking PMR exam. “Tengok tu, dia punya semangat. Kalau buat betul-betul boleh sampai PhD,” he commented.

I read the article and was immediately in awe. I started comparing myself and the old man. How motivated he must be vs. how unmotivated I’ve been recently. I’m supposed to finish up my MBA this year, but with the piles of work and the hours I spend in the office, it looks very unlikely. Whatever free time I have, I want to socialize, go for a trip or just rest. MBA has been simply thrown to the side. The funny thing is, I’ve finished all my subjects, I just have my thesis left. One very last thing to do before graduation. Yet I feel unmotivated.

Yes, instead of feeling excited to jump the final hurdle, I feel burnt-out. I feel that I’ve invested so much time and energy into my MBA classes, now that I’m done with them I deserve a break. A week break quickly becomes a month, a month becomes a semester.. and now I’m entering a new semester.. yet my thesis still hasn’t moved a page.

Back to the taxi driver. “Pakcik pun tengah blajaq ni,” he mentioned casually. He just registered with UM to do a certificate in usuluddin. At first he wanted to study politics, but after discussing with his wife, they decided that a religious course would be more appropriate. “Buat bekalan akhirat,” he said. His class would start this weekend, every Saturday for 6 hours. He told me he was quite nervous about going back to school, after all he never had any tertiary education. “La ni baghu nak masuk unibesti!”

Back in the days, he was a policeman. After leaving the armed forces he started driving taxi. He has five kids, four of them are university graduates. The eldest is doing PhD at UPNM. The youngest is sitting for PMR. His wife told him not to drive anymore, their kids have grown up and their elder children financially support the youngest. “Tapi kalu pakcik dok ghumah nak wat apa? Baik bawak teksi buleh gak isi masa.” Then came the idea of stuying. He discussed it with his family, they were incredibly supportive. One of his kids immediately started thinking of furthering his own studies too. “Dia kata ayah sambung blajaq, dia pun nak jugak,” he laughed.

He told me there are actually many taxi drivers doing part time studies. It’s much easier for them because they can arrange their own time. For pakcik, he’ll be attending class every Saturday, so no taxi driving for him on that day. “La ni amik sijil dulu. Lepaih ni buleh amik diploma pulak,” he said with much confidence. With that kind of spirit, I bet he can even get a PhD.

We arrived at the destination. I handed him the fare and wished him all the best for his first class this weekend. I got out of his taxi as a different person – an highly motivated MBA student ready to complete her dissertation.

I made a call to the campus and committed on a submission date. Everything’s firmed. I’m all charged up. Let’s get started.

Thank you pakcik for the sudden motivation!


JaJa'Z said...

bagus pakcik driver tu...bermotivasi nak belajar..if only students nowadays pun berpikiran mcm tu...akak pun ada hati gak nak sambung amik master..but byk menda nak kena pk, insyallah one day..

anyway..welcome backk and i miss u soooo much..

susumanis said...

oh dieya, tqsm for d great oso must go n study somewhere :))

Salmah said...

as'salamualaikum dieya - 'seek knowledge from cradle to grave' thank you for sharing this wonderful and inspiring story with us. take care and happy weekend. kakak @ sg :)

when the night light is off said...

Lurve to hear that. Make sure you get distinction yer


~jeet~ said...

good start for that pakcik, inspiring people like you, berkat dia belajar nanti...insyaAllah,

talk about motivation, we bitch about everything in the office, work can never finished, susah nak keep motivated, hence once i a while reading stuffs like this did help, thanks for sharing :)

you can do it!! its the last mile, sikit lagi..come on dieya!!

dyanna said...

C'mon Dieya, we are supposed to graduate together remember? Let's pose together for a picture in our graduation robes next year :)

Mamamya said...

akak pun kagum btl lah dgn semangat pakcik teksi ni..tetiba terasa rugi juga x sambung study smpi MBA (w'pun itulah sbnrnya cita2 akak nak buat mcmana jodoh plak smpi dulu.. ^_____^)

kiranya dieya 'langkah kanan' lah masa masuk teksi pakcik ni kan sbb klu xder motivation free dari dia mesti dieya masih tangguh lagi MBA tu...

good luck dear...akak doakan dieya blh bahagikan masa study,keje & yr social life sesekali blh ajer pi trip for rewards utk diri sendiri kan... ^____^

*****sama mcm kak jaja...really miss u!! tiap kali b'sms x penah tinggal nama dieya... kan jaja.. :D

ayapunyacinta said...

ok now i feel motivated as well! life as a student if pretty hard esp when we left that kind of life for years.

btw looking at ur blog all about traveling here and there, i didnt know u r a MBA student! hihii

anyway, lets get our thesis done! good luck, dieya! ;)

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

Go dieya goo..

i did my MSE 5 years taw.. keh3.. Thesis and office workload punya hal..

ijannina said...

i know what u meant, i procrastinate for 1yr to finish my paper too. Tapi once dah register and submit dateline date, no back off. All the best dear

My Bloggie ! said...

motivated ! thanks kak dieya. hehe this entry very helpful especially for student mcm saya. pakcik taxi pun bole pikir mcm tu. kenapa kita tak bole kan :)

Nowwa Fitri said...

Great and good for you darling!!!

Hey..finish ur thesis cepat2 la..hahahha..

BTW all the best darling!

dieya said...

k jaja,
keluar je dari teksi tu, rasa mcm ada semangat baru.
k jaja pun nak sambung ya? good for u! dieya doakan semuanya dipermudahkan utk akak nnt.
i miss u too! bz laa kak.. tolong blogging kan boleh? hehehe

kak su,
no worries sis, selamat sambung study!

k salmah,
wa'alaikumussalam. great to know it inspired others as much as it inspired me. u takde care too sis!

hey there! haven't heard of u in a while. yes, i shall work hard on that!

itulah pasal. sikit je lagi, tapi yg sikit tu lah susah betul nak perabih. i need all the motivation that i can get!

oh babe.. i knew i could always count on u to get a wake-up slap in the face :-D
thanks for the reminder. putting images of us in graduation robes makes in my head is so motivating!

k lieya,
akak pun tengah buat MBA jugak kan.. Mama + Baba + Anak-anak = MBA
okay lettew.. hehehe
thanks a lot for the doa.. miss u too!

cerita-ceriti MBA jarang keluar coz sometimes it's too distressing to write about.. hahaha
yes, let's get em done so that we can graduate!

aduh.. i can't take 5 years.. MBA candidature expires in 4 years. mesti siapkan juga. huhuhu

itulah, dateline has been set. kena paksa diri buat juga. no turning back. thanks babe!

isma azie,
betul tu. kalau pakcik teksi pun boleh, kita lagilah boleh kan!

thanks darling! baik, akan berusaha gigih utk siapkan thesis. thanks babe!

anushka sweety said...

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dieya said...

anushka sweety,
thanks for dropping by :-)

baby said...

Dieya,its matter what,kite kene pulun jgk bg abeh our MBA.amin,insyaALLAH.mine,ade 9 subjects lg.jauhhhhh lg insyaALLAH!semoga ALLAH permudahkan,amin.

Speaking of which,last time,i hop on a bus,and the driver was a good looking guy who were trying hitting on me.he was a part time student too,siap amek diploma exec lg!baguih kan?

Pakcik tu baguih jgk.bile ade smgt cmtu,org lain pon smgt jgk:-)

dieya said...

yeah.. kena pulun jugak kan! bila dah ujung2 ni mmg semangat agak kureng. sikit je lagi nak abih.. tapi kalu tak buat, camne nak abih..
best of luck with your 9 subjects! semangat babe.. semangat!!!
p.s. amik phone number that good looking guy tak? ;-)