a visit to hudaibiyah

Another visit around the city of Makkah. Also an opportunity to perform fourth umrah. This time we went to Hudaibiyah to see camels. Then we went to Masjid Hudaibiyah to perform solat Asar and recite niat umrah. On the way back, we stopped at the Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques Architecture (a.k.a. Holy Mosques Museum).

Limited number of pilgrims was allowed to join the visit, because only a certain number of visitors could enter the museum at one time. Those who joined had to pay SAR 30 person. The mutawwif warned those who wished to perform umrah that the condition of Masjid Hudaibiyah was very poor, a lot worse than other miqats that we had been to previously. And once we recited our niat there, we would have to remain in the stage of ihram when we went to the museum afterwards.

(1) Camel Farm

Welcome to the camel farm!

So romantic  ^_^

A supermodel camel striking a pose while others were eating.

That was what they ate. Looked similar to horse food.

Told you to behave in front of visitors, didn’t I? 

One fresh camel milk to go!

(2) Hudaibiyah Mosque

Headed to Hudaibiyah Mosque for solat Asar and niat umrah.

Ruins of the old mosque, at the back of the new mosque.

The original architecture was still visible.

Old mosque on the left. New mosque on the right.

(3) Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques Architecture

We arrived before our allocated time slot, so we had to wait in the bus before we were allowed to enter.

The most outstanding exhibition – an interactive model of how Masjidil Haram would look like in the future.

A model of Masjid Nabawi. It looked very much like its current state, so I wasn’t sure if it would undergo any expansion. 

A very rustic Kaabah stairs.

Casings of Hajar Aswad.

Calligraphy decorations bearing the name of God, the Prophet and his companions.

This machine was used to make Kaabah’s cover.

Kaabah’s pillar. There were three of them inside Kaabah.

An old structure of zamzam well, complete with rope and pail!


susumanis said...

cantik model kt depan untas itu..hehe, jubah tu beli kat madinah/mekah ya dieya, very nice :)

JaJa'Z said...

lawanya jubah dieya..sangat2 sesuai bila berlatar belakangkan unta2..hehehhenice2..

Lelord said...

x menunggang unta ke dieya

dieya said...

Kak su,
Thank u sis! Yup jubah beli kat Madinah khas utk pegi umrah yg first tu.

Kak jaja,
Thanks k jaja! I really love the pic, and of course the jubah too B-)

K lela,
Ish, tu semua unta ternakan laa kak..bukan utk tunggangan. Silap hari bulan kena lambung dek unta pulak :-P