umrah tanaim

After a day rest, it was time for our second umrah. Done with solat Subuh and breakfast, we headed to Tanaim, which was the miqat for residents of Makkah. As such, this umrah was dubbed “Umrah Tanaim”.

Masjid Tanaim, also known as Masjid Saidatina Aishah, just a short drive from our hotel.

Quite a number of pilgrims here, getting ready to do their umrah.

We performed solat sunat ihram and recited niat umrah, then we headed to Masjidil Haram to perform the rituals. It was a different experience doing umrah during daytime. For one, there was significantly lesser number of people doing tawaf. I was pretty surprised to be able to complete my rounds a lot faster than the first umrah.

The weather was alright as we did it in the morning. I was tempted to wear sunglasses as the sunshine was quite bright, plus the tawaf floor was covered in white marble, making it even brighter. Eventually decided not to, thinking that I shouldn’t appear as if I was trying to look stylish, when the main focus should be on ibadah. But guess what? As we were about to begin tawaf, I saw the mutawwif took out his sunglasses and happily performed tawaf wearing Oakley!

Tawaf completed, time to do saie. We already tried the ground level during the first umrah, so it would be good to try a different level this time. Headed to the basement level. It was a wise decision, because the moment I entered the area, I immediately felt the temperature dropped. The level was fully air-conditioned!

Feeling very cozy, I did my saie at my own sweet pace, enjoying the comfort of the cool air. The basement level was also a lot less crowded as compared to the ground level, making it much easier to walk and read doa at the same time.

Another interesting fact about the basement level was that I got to see the actual rocks of Mount Safa and Mount Marwah. At the ground level they were entirely covered with tiles, but at the basement level they were nicely preserved in their original form.

Rocks of Mount Safa behind the glass enclosure.

Start you saie underneath the arrow. The diagonal black lines are saf (solat lines), as the area is also used for solat.

After seven laps, end your saie at Mount Marwah and cut a bit of your hair.

Feeling tired and thirsty? Take a break for some zamzam water.

Returned to the hotel, rested for a bit and out we went to Masjidil Haram again for solat. Hotel -> mosque -> hotel, that was the daily ritual of every pilgrim. Whenever there was a longer gap between solat times, that would be the time to go shopping. I personally preferred to shop during the period between Asar and Maghrib, as the gap was 4 hours long and the weather was comfy.

Crowd leaving Masjidil Haram through Door No. 1 (Bab Al-Malik Abdul Aziz) after solat Isha.

Thousands (if not millions) of pilgrims pass by these shops every day. Very good for business.

Walking back to the hotel for a good night rest.


JaJa'Z said...

lah..takde ke gambar ber sunglases tu
? hehehhe..kalau kat basement ada aircond..lepas2 ni guna yang bawah je lah dieya..sejuk sket..and laju sket siap sai'e..heheheh

dieya said...

k jaja,
nanti dieya tepek gambo pakai sunglasses ya. sgt penting tau sunglasses kat sana, matahari sgt terik, pagi pun dah silau.
mmg best saie kat bawah tu. nyaman jek jalan dlm aircond :-D

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Betul, sunglasses is a must. Niat mesti betul be, bukan nak melaram tapi nak jaga mata. TQ dieya for sharing.

ahkakbatik said...

masyaAllah... ana sangat cemburu lagi la... ente sangat bertuah la... gambar-gambar semua cantik-cantikla..

dieya said...

aunty nora,
yeah, niat kena betul.. kan! no prob aunty, glad u like the entry :-)

shukran.. shukran.. ente balik amerika nnt cpt2 ke sana lah.. anak bujang ente gigi sudah cantik.. ente boleh dpt besan saudagar minyak lah