mr. postman, where art thou?

Today was rest day. No umrah, no ziarah, just free and easy. I had one major mission: To go to the post office. Actually, I had been looking for a post office for days. Bought a couple of postcards to send home, but no stamps. The stall where I bought the postcards didn’t sell stamps. Even if I had stamps, I couldn’t find any mailbox where I could put in my postcards. Fortunately, on the way back from tour yesterday, the bus passed by Ghazzah neighbourhood and I saw...

...this! A big Saudi Post branch! Yeay!

The building was about 10 minutes walk from Masjidil Haram through the exit near Makkah Library.

Let’s get inside!

I showed the postcard to the guy across the counter. He asked where to, I said Malaysia. He said SAR 8. I gave him the money and he went into a room at the back. He came out with stamps. I expected him to give them to me, but he asked me to give my postcards to him instead. From his gestures, I figured out that he would help me to paste the stamps and mail the postcards.

If you shopped too much, just mail them home.

I said thank you to the post office and left. On the way back, I could clearly see the vast amount of construction work that was going on around the place. Old buildings were demolished, leaving piles of rubbles waiting to be cleared off. Ghazzah was getting a major makeover. Soon after, I would think it would look as modern as Ajyad, the location of the clock tower around which most Malaysian pilgrims stayed.

The mosque expansion work took up a large area of Ghazzah.

By the way, if you are looking for cheap souvenirs, Ghazzah is the place. Keychains, plaques, glasses, toys – everything that pilgrims usually buy to bring home – you can find them here at the fraction of the normal price. Perhaps because the area is predominantly occupied by pilgrims from Arab countries, things are sold “local’s price”

Headed back to Ajyad and went to the shops at the basement of Al-Safwah Royale Orchid Hotel. They were popular among out tour group because the shops were conveniently located along the road leading to our hotel. There were so many shops to choose from, selling so many things. My favourite shop here was...

...this shop. It had a really wide selection of scarves and the guy was super friendly. Here he was showing off his latest collection called “Dubai scarves”.

Done with shopping, we headed to Abraj Al-Bait Mall a.k.a. my favourite mall to have lunch with Messi :-D


JaJa'Z said...

so, dah dapat lom postcard tu??

Lelord said...

hehehhee kat sini pun sana sini ada Messi

~jeet~ said...

is that HALF bird? isk..isk..isk...(sambil geleng-geleng kepala..tapi dalam hati dengki tgk nasi arab tu..)

Messy Mummy said...

Hopefully postcard sudah smp dengan selamat :)
Amboi, lunch tu tayang bulan2 pose nie mcm x aci pulak..

dieya said...

k jaja,
dah dapat, finally! jauh perjalanan postcard tu tau.. sampai sesat barat.. hahhaa

k lela,
org arab suka messi kan? masa dieya go dubai pakai jersey messi, budak2 arab dok panggil messi! messi! messi!

yup it's half bird.. hahaha.. ok laa tu utk makan ramai2. nampak simple tapi sedap woo!

setelah menempuh pelbagai dugaan dan rintangan, postcard itu selamat jua sampai ke kl. saja.. nak bagi semorang meleleh ayaq lioq ataih lappy :-D