jubah? abaya? jalabiya?

What’s the difference? For me, any dress that goes from neck to floor and loose-fitting is “jubah”. If it follows the body’s shape, I call it a maxi dress. A friend thought me the word “abaya” for those Middle Eastern women usually wear. So for me, any Arab style long black dress is called  “abaya”.

Over the course of this trip, I came across more new terms – “jilbaab” and “jalabiya”. What are those? As usual, Google to the rescue. Said this website:
Abaya = A long sleeved loose dress down to below ankles. No buttons. (I believe it can have one button or a zipper, otherwise it will be difficult to wear.)

Jilbaab = Same as an abaya but with a slit through middle. With buttons. (Maybe something like an overcoat.)

Khimar = Hijab that goes down to the waist. Indonesians and Malaysians tend to wear them a lot in Saudi Arabia. (No doubt, this refers to what Malays call “telekung”.)

Niqaab = Face veil.

Burkha = Khimar with a niqaab. Afghan women wear them.

Jalabiya = A bit like an abaya. (Perhaps a modern style “abaya” with fancy design?)
Now that we basically know the difference, let’s shop for some!

Our lady mutawwif took us to this underground mall.

In the mall were lots of small shops. They sold everything from clothes to souvenirs to electrical items and more. The funny thing was the moment we entered, they promoters started screaming, “Malaysia! Murah-murah! Siti Nurhaliza!” :-D

Since we came with the lady mutawwif, it was a targeted shopping spree – we would only go to the shops she suggested so that we could get a good selection with a bargain.

Shop #1: And the shopping began!

It was strange to see that the shop was lit in gloomy blue. I initially wondered why they had such bad lighting. Shouldn’t they make it easy for customers to browse the items? Then I figured that it might be in order to protect the dresses and studs from getting faded.

Elegant in black?

Fresh in white?

Mari-mari! Murah-murah!

The ladies of our group started buying a lot. I thought it was too early to buy anything as it was only the first shop. I still wanted to have a look around. Furthermore, I wasn’t comfortable with the way one of the salesmen looked at us and said “mashaAllah.. mashaAllah..” repeatedly. So much so that a little girl in our group called it “kedai mashaAllah”. Okay, next shop please.

Shop #2: Malaysian invasion! 

I personally preferred the second shop because it had wider selection of black jalabiyas in modern designs. The prices were very reasonable. The owner Haji Rashid was a friendly chap and spoke fluent Malay. And his salesmen were not creepy.

More gorgeous garments to choose from.

Haji Rashid (the guy in white) offered tired shoppers seats and drinks.

However Shop #2 was lacking in white jalabiyas, which I was specifically looking for. I was told that it was good to wear white while performing umrah because Rasulullah SAW loved the color white. So it was my personal mission to wear all white on the day I go to Makkah and do the first umrah.

So we headed back to the Shop #1, which had white jalabiyas in many designs. After several rounds of bargaining ala Petaling Street, I managed to get one that I really like at a very good discount. Several ladies (who already bought things here earlier) took the chance to have another look and buy even more!

Two shops were too few? Fret not, there were many more shops inside..

..as well as outside. The goods were pretty much the same though.

Happily walking back to the hotel with the catch of the day!


Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Dieya,

Akak dah balik Malaysia ke?


JaJa'Z said...

wah...bershopping sakan yek..model yg pakai baju pink tu tak jual sekal;i ke? kalau jual, akak nak beli..heheh..

tak sabar nak tgk dieya berjubah putih..hehehe

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Aunty hentam semua jubah!. Thanks, nw i know the differences. Sambil menyelam minum air ye, dieya!

Mamamya said...

t'ingin juga nak pakai jubah..tp mcm ssh nak dapat yg selesa dipakai.. penah beli sekali kot...tp kene alter sana sini..huuhuhuuu....

dieya said...

w'salam. yes i'm home!

k jaja,
on that day the kakak2 and makcik2 mmg shopping sakan. dieya just beli satu warna putih je.
model pink hanya dijual kepada lelaki idaman yer.. hihihi
jubah putih will appear soon!

aunty nora,
no prob :-) "terpaksa" minum air, coz i purposely didn't bring many clothes.. heheh..
berbaloi beli jubah kat sana, cantik2 dan murah2 pulak tu. tapi takleh over beli, coz balik msia bukannya pakai selalu.

k lieya,
skrg byk dah jubah.. mcm2 saiz.. mcm2 pattern.. diorg dah buat jubah ikut saiz org asia, so taklah besar & labuh mcm arab pakai.
mesti ada punya yg sesuai ngan akak :-)

eB said...

baju yg dieya pakai tuh cantek :)

dieya said...

thanks eb! yg tu jubah mesia.. beli kat kedai bundle RM39.90 kot :-)

PatinPasta said...

Kenapa salesmen tu dok sebut 'masyaAllah' jek?

dieya said...

"mashaAllah" is a term used to express awe of God's creation when you see something nice. i found that arab men usually say that to women yg diorg suka tengok.. dgn lirik mata sekali.. so instead of flattering it became kind of creepy..

Lilik said...

bestnyer.. kalo aku tau awal ko pegi.. mmg dah kirim sehelai dua abaya tuh...

Messy Mummy said...

ada macam2 rupanya. good info :)
tahu jubah jer.. tapi dengan defi yg dieya bg tu pun MM still pening. Never really took the time tuk tgk jenis2 jubah. Tau labuh sampai bawah, straight. make itulah dia. huhu...

the one yg dieya posing tu color pink ker?? comel!

dieya said...

alahai, kesian laa pulak kat ko.. takpelah inshaAllah nnt ko pulak pegi, lagi best, boleh pilih sendiri :-)

itulah.. i pun baru tau. hahaha mm punya definition tu yg paling senang! yup dieya pakai kaler pink. tapi bila amik gambo bawah lampu biru tu nampak pelik plak warnanya.