inside masjidil haram

In Saudi Arabia, weekend falls on Friday. So it was hardly a surprise to see lots of people in Makkah on this day. Friday prayer at Masjidil Haram became a huge congregation. The interesting part was that both men and women were allowed to come to the mosque and do it. So it was a golden opportunity for me to experience performing Friday prayer, something I never get to do in Malaysia.

A sea of people leaving Masjidil Haram after Friday prayer.

At night, after performing solat Isha, we took the chance explore within the walls of the great mosque. It was one really huge complex! Needless to say, the architecture was fantastic. Yet the thing that impressed me the most was its ventilation system. It must be a huge effort to ensure consistent flow of fresh air throughout the entire building. What made it even harder were (a) the weather was so hot, it could go up to 45 C and (b) it was an “open space” complex, allowing for limited air-conditioned area. As such, to feel the natural breeze of cool air blowing against my skin while I was sitting in the mosque was an utter amazement!

On the stairs going down to the tawaf floor. Many people simply sat there looking at the Kaabah, because that alone would be rewarded with hasanah.

Men’s solat area at the upper floor, decorated with beautiful arches.

Women’s solat area, enclosed by golden partitions.

Drink zamzam water here. Choose the one labeled “not cold” if you want it at room temperature.

Hanging out at the upper floor balcony...

...enjoying the amazing view of Al-Haram.


JaJa'Z said...

seronoknya dapat tgk sendiri Kaabah depan mata..ramai yang cakap bila berada betul2 depan Kaabah, satu perasaan yang 'aneh' akan muncul..perasaan kagum dengan ciptaan Allah, perasaan terasa begitu kerdilnya kita sebagai manusia biasa...and perasaan tu sentiasa dirindui pada sesiapa yang dah pernah sampai ke Tanah Suci...hopefully one day akak pun akan merasa that great feeling too...insyaallah..

dieya said...

k jaja,
betul tu kak.. rasa kagum bila tengok kiblat kita solat, ada kat depan mata. inshaAllah dieya doakan k jaja akan sampai ke sana. i'm sure you'll have a great time!

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Aunty dah lama tak ke sana. Major changes there, ya. Hope to go again one fine day! InsyaAlah.

dieya said...

aunty nora,
and there will be many more changes to come! banyak sangat ongoing constructions everywhere. nnt dieya letak gambar kat luar masjid pula.